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Mozilla Firefox 5 Released For Windows, Mac and Linux


Mozilla has just updated its Firefox web browser from v4 to v5 finally. This time Mozilla did not take much time to announce and release final Firefox 5. We can say that just over the night we heard Firefox 5 beta, in the morning it was release candidate and in the evening we got Final version of Firefox 5.

The browser race was not so fast and all the major participants like Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari and Firefox were being updated slowly but Google Chrome changed the scenario. Google updated Chrome so frequently that it threatened other major browser players.

Google adopted different strategy for releasing Chrome version. A minor update in Chrome but we see a big release and now Google has Chrome 12.x. Google Chrome still has many bugs and even Google’s own services like Blogger, Google Reader are, sometime, does not work well. Well, leave it for some other time and move back to Firefox 5.

To follow the browser update and version release race, Firefox has to maintain its market ration and they were forced to release updates as soon as possible and we see within 3 months, Mozilla released new Firefox 5. Firefox 5 is not a big change and is almost same as Firefox 4 except better support for HTML 5 and “Do Not Track” function is more effective now.

There are a few new features will be added in Mozilla Firefox 5. One cool feature is you can pin any website as App Tab just beside big orange menu button of Firefox. Right click on any open tab and a menu will open. In the menu select Pin as App Tab and the website will be tabbed just beside Firefox orange menu button as you can see in the follow photo. This is Internet Explorer 9 feature which Firefox has adopted.

Here are direct download links to Firefox 5 for Windows, Linux and Mac from Mozilla servers. Click on link and your download will start. (If in download you see Firefox 4 instead of Firefox 5, copy and paste the relative web link into your browser. It will, surely, give you Firefox 5 installer).

Windows Download here


Linux Download here


Mac OS X Download here



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