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Mozilla Firefox 4 Released With New and Improved Features For Windows, Mac and Linux


Long awaiting Mozilla Firefox 4 is released, though it is not available on their website but it is available to download directly from Mozilla servers. Users of Windows XP, Vista, 7 (x86, x64), Mac OS X 10.5 or later can be benefited. Unlike Internet Explorer 9, which is not available for Windows XP, Firefox 4 is speedy at Windows XP.

If you have not used Firefox beta or RC, after the first installation of final v4 you will notice a totally new Firefox interface. Though it is a new interface for Firefox but it is a combination of Opera and Chrome interfaces. Whatever, it looks nice and attractive. Tabs are moved above the address bar like Chrome. Home button has a new shape like Opera Home button. This means user has more space to see the web contents in Firefox 4. When you will close the Firefox, you will see that there is no more question about saving the opened tabs. It simply asks you like Internet Explorer to close all tabs or not.

Firefox 4 has new JavaScript engine called JagerMonkey which is, according to reports, 3 times faster that previous one. It has more personal security features like Do Not Track. Synchronization is made easy and you can synchronize your bookmarks, passwords across the computers and mobile devices across the network. Firefox 4 is supporting HTML5 means high quality videos like WebM, 3D graphics, offline data storage, typography, touchscreen interfaces and many other features.

The above was what they officially said about Firefox 4. I could not have much time to test it but so far my the experience is mixed. At some points, Firefox is much faster than the older Firefox 3 and somewhere it is just annoying. When I opened main page of ComputeLogy, it took less than 3 seconds to load which is almost less than half time comparing to Firefox 3. I did this exercise many times and the result was same. During this, my avast!, Emsisoft AntiMalware, and COMODO Firewall was running. I was connected at 8Mbps.

Firefox 4 loads quickly. On my system with Windows 7 Pro x86 installed avast!, Emsisoft AntiMalware and COMODO Firewall, AMD Athlon X2 with 3GB RAM, it took less than a second to load. I just clicked its icon on desktop and with the blink of eye, it was opened.

Opening ComputeLogy in less than 3 seconds was a good speed but on the other hand, Firefox 4 has been crashed 4 times during last 3 hours usage. Once it was crashed when I tried to open a PDF file from Internet and remaining times it was just crashed when I was browsing. I could not figure it out what went wrong. You can not use F6 function key any more because it is not supporting it.

My overall view is if you are using Chrome, Opera, Safari or Internet Explorer, just move to Firefox 4 because it has all the qualities and characteristics which you will find in other browsers.

Windows Download here


Linux Download here


Mac OS X Download here



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Thanks for sharing…….

internet security

Firefox is the best browser it is safe and secure for using the internet and it has lots of great ad-ons in my opinion it is much better than internet explorer, there has to be a reason why it is the most popular browser.

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