First Android 4 IceCream Sandwich Tablet Costs $100 – 1GHz Processor, Dual Camera, 1080p Video, Wifi/3G, 7inch Screen


Earlier tablets running Windows were not so popular because of limited features, specs and price. At that time, tablets were only designed for business purposes and no aim to get home customers. Then Apple’s tablet iPad changed the game. Tablet design changed dramatically simple with increase of features considering home users as main players. This let Apple capture tablet. What the game will be if there is only one player. Android jumped in and scenario started changing. Now there are two players chasing each other. Apple iOS based tablets are beautiful with simplicity and ease of access but inside Apple’s boundaries. Google Android based tablets are beautiful, simple and with different features based on different vendors means every Android OS tablet maker can alter OS according to his needs.

This novo7 is first Android 4 Ice Cream Sandwich tablet which costs only $100 has lots of features which only feels like dream tablet. The main feature is it costs only $100 which is comparatively no cost if we see iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Acer Iconia, HTC Flyer, etc. This price is also defeating Amazon Kindle Fire which costs almost $200 considered as cheapest working tablet available in the market. It has 1GHz processor with dual camera one at front and other 2MP at back. Standby battery is 300 hours. You can listen music for 25 hours, 8 hours video and web surfing can be done for 7 hours. Games can be played for 6 hours.  You can play 1080p videos makes it possible to play all type of video formats. The device comes with Wifi and supports 3G makes it possible to surf web whenever you want.

I tried to buy it and when I clicked on buy button, it took me to Paypal. There was a message “We’re sorry, the following item(s) isn’t available at this time: NOVO7“.

cnet reported that soon this tablet will be available in USA and other parts of the world. Other size of this tablets like 8-inch and 9-inch will be available soon. “The tablet is available in China and online through Ainol Electronics and will be available in the U.S. and other geographies within the next several months under brands from companies including Leader International and OMG Electronics. “, cnet reported “Larger 8- and 9-inch form factors will be available soon”.

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