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How to Update Facebook Status on Twitter


I have never my intention to go deep into social networking though I have my Facebook, Twitter and Google+ profiles. My only status update on these social networks is if I write new article and post it there. The simple reason is I want to keep my privacy to me. My be in future, I will update my status frequently with stories but not now. But good news for those who frequently uses social networking sites that soon they will be able to send their Facebook updates to their connected Twitter account. Simply, update Facebook status on Twitter.

So far, Facebook has tight hand on sharing your status with other social websites and they always refused to give ease to their users. But when Google stepped in as new player with a few newly improved features, Facebook team is redesigning and introducing new features, even they have shake hands with rivals like Twitter. Recently, they introduced a subscription feature where you can subscribe to your friends feeds fully or partially. And this latest feature to update your Twitter through Facebook is coming soon for public.

In a new document Subscribe For Public Figures, at Frequently Asked Questions, check No.14 on the last page where they say it clearly:

14. Can I update my Twitter followers from Facebook?
Yes, soon you’ll be able to update your Twitter account directly from Facebook. To get started:
1) Go to
2) Link your profile or Page to your Twitter account
Once you link your accounts, your Twitter account will be updated every time you post a public update to Facebook.
Note: Only posts whose privacy you set to Pu b lic using your inline controls are eligible for this.

I suppose, you are already signed in to your Facebook and Twitter accounts. If you go to, You will see the following photo which is clearly pointing the connection between Facebook and Twitter. Click on button or image to proceed.

On the very next page, Facebook will show your profile name and will ask again for your permission for the connection. If you permit, it will proceed.

Now you will be at your Twitter App page where you will be asked to Authorize Facebook to use your account.

If you accept it, you will be redirect back to Facebook showing you a few options already ticked with check boxes. Here you can choose which updates you will like to share on Twitter.

Uncheck the boxes of status which you do not want to share and save it. That’s all.


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