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Get Free Angry Birds Rio Till Sep 29, 2011 At Intel AppUp


You can find thousands of games on Google as free and shareware. But not, even, 5% of those games enter into hall of fame. The popular games in last 20 years can be counted on finger tips. Age of Empires series, Pac-Man, Need for Speed, Super Mario Bros, Command & Conquer series, etc, etc. I have played all of these and I enjoyed but I could not adopt any one single game as hobby unlike majority of people who become addictive of games. On occasions, I have read news about people suffer death because of long sitting session to play game. Do not take it as warning, just remember to walk a few steps after some game playing session. This will keep circulation of blood.

Angry Birds is breaking all records of play. People are becoming crazy for this game. In my last article about Angry Birds, I told you it is an anger management game. Well there are some other games in which you also destroy the enemies but Angry Birds is, so far, the only game which touches the human nature producing the sense of beating rivals. People avoid talking this anger management feature of the game. Well, not my headache.

Six months ago, Intel AppUp (store) gave away free copy of Angry Birds for PC. Now again, they are giving away free Angry Birds Rio. You can get this free till September 29, 2011. But you need to install Intel AppUp application. If you do not want to install it, you have to buy the game. Choice is yours.

Follow the basic procedure first towards free Angry Birds Rio. Download Intel AppUp, install it and sign in into Intel AppUp (you must have Intel AppUp account which is free). Download Intel AppUp

After signing into Intel AppUp click on Store and find Angry Birds Rio banner in the slider running at top-middle of the application. Click on Download.

If you are asked to accept EULA, you must accept it to download and run Angry Birds Rio. Download it, run it and play it.

I do not know that Intel based Mac users can play it or not. If you know, let us know.


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Rommel Maglaya

i like it free.



when i tried to open the angry bird program, it said that:

OpenGL 2.0 renderer is not supported with the same reason

Open 1.4 renderer not supported! Reason:OpenGL 1.3 is not supported.

What should i do?Is there anyway to get the offline installer? Thank You.


It’s amazing how a small game developer company like Rovio can help an established industry like Intel. Rovio definitely hit the jackpot with Angry Birds.

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