G Data CloudSecurity Plugin for Firefox and Internet Explorer for Realtime Protection Against Malware and Phishing Attacks


Do not take G Data CloudSecurity as a full AntiVirus software, rather than it is just a simple plugin for your Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers which will protect you against website-integrated Malware and Phishing attacks. You can use it with any security software installed.

Do we need this plugin when there are many other such plugins available and Firefox already has built-in functionality to detect Phishing sites and sites hosting Malware. All other securities like Norton IS, BitDefender IS, McAfee, Kaspersky IS, Avast IS, etc etc, has much more stronger protection in this matter compared to this plugin. I do not see any space to put it to use. G Data users may needed it. Whatever, it is free and light weight (plugin should be light weight).

I could not find much info about G Data CloudSecurity, even not on its official site. It is named CloudSecurity but they did not describe how it works. Instead of lighting its characteristics, they are emphasizing to buy full version of G Data Security. They wrote a white paper where they compared Free AV and Paid AV. They have insisted you to buy a full version of AV (specially G Data) instead of using Free AV. Well friends, I will not say much but use Google and you will find professionally designed free security software for whatever you needed.

G Data CloudSecurity Free is realtime protection from malware and phishing attacks. G Data CloudSecurity is a new, free-of-charge plugin for the popular browsers Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. It effectively blocks access to known malware distribution and phishing websites – in realtime. The plugin can be used alongside any other installed security suite and is ready for action after installing; no additional configuring required. A simple way to more security on the web by G Data, the award winning manufacturer of security software. Free plugin for Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox
* Compatible with all other security products
* Prevents access to malware and phishing websites
* Install once – no updates required
* PC performance remains unaffected
* Deal supplement for free AV programs

More info and download can be found here:


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