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Anonymous Web Surfing with Free One Year CyberGhost Premium Account


In our general life, we care about others privacy and do not try to infringe on others privacy because we need privacy, too. Of course, there is sometime privacy become public by mistake or intentionally but this is another matter. Well we have privacy in our general life but this is not the case if we are on Internet.

There is no or least privacy on Internet. When you do search, search engines like Google learns what you searched and create database and in future try to give you the results similar to previously searched queries. Website owner know were are you coming from and where you left to. Web marketing companies gather data related to your identity like IP. If you use torrents and you in country where torrented movies are illegal, so called antipiracy agencies will try to locate you through your IP and then you know what happens. You think by cleaning browser history, cookies, etc you are safe but this is not the case. You leave your tracks on Internet.  Though you used some VPN but it is possible to locate you. But not possible if you use some secure VPN like CyberGhost VPN.

CyberGhost is an important tool for protecting your privacy. CyberGhost VPN replaces the externally visible IP address, which users have received from their provider when they dial up to connect to the Internet, with a CyberGhost VPN IP address. The CyberGhost user shares this IP address with a number of other users. This procedure ensures that the CyberGhost VPN IP address should not be assigned to one particular CyberGhost VPN user. Communication between the CyberGhost VPN user’s computer and the anonymization servers is also particularly well protected to prevent any eavesdropping on data transfers. This protection is set up in 2 steps when establishing the connection. 1024-bit SSL encryption is used when establishing the connection. In this case, a 128-bit AES key is negotiated, which is unique for each connection. The actual communication takes place via this AES key.

Free One year CyberGhost Premium Account

Create your account on CyberGhost. First you will be asked your eMail account. You will receive an eMail from CyberGhost. It will have two halves: first one will be in German and the other half will be in English. The English half has full instructions how to verify you account and how to activate your premium account. Do not forget to use promo-code quale157 to activate your Free One Year CyberGhost Premium Account.


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Thanks Computelogy. I got mine! 🙂

BTW, a “space” is needed at the end of the promo code: “quale157 ”

Thanks again!


Thanks Perti!It works!


can u plz give me a new serial code or promo code for cyberghost.


only 1 month

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