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Meet ChromePlus, A Google Chrome with Additional Features!


If there’s anything about most China-based developers, they love to copy others. And what’s more, they often add additional value into what they copy. That’s what exactly they have done with Google Chrome. Chrome is an excellent, lightweight browser that is on the rise in recent months (it is now the browser with the 3rd highest market share, behind IE and Firefox), and they literally copied and modded a new browser out of it: ChromePlus.

Having said that they acted like a bunch of copycats, they really did make ChromePlus a better browser! ChromePlus has all the features of Google Chrome; they use the same browser engine, has the same GUI layout and settings and even share the google chrome extension plugins. However, they have added some extra features that Chrome has either yet to implement or does not even have at all.

Some of these features include:

1. Double Click tabs to close page

Personally, i find the idea of navigating to the small  X button beside tabs a bit tiresome. With ChromePlus, all we have to do is double-click the tab – and the tab will close automatically. Now that’s what i call convenient (although it may wreck havoc if you are not use to this feature)!

2. Mouse Gesture

Mouse Gesture is the customization trend nowadays. ChromePlus brings this desktop-based customization feature into browser; now users can use certain mouse gesture to define an action, for example, refresh a page by circling the mouse while right-clicking.

3. Super Drag

I remember that whenever i wanted to search for a term in the net, i have to copy and paste the key words into google. ChromePluss super drag feature solve this problem; by highlighting and dragging a phrase while dropping it anywhere in the tab, it will immediately result in a new tab being opened, with the google search result presented!

4. IE tab

Most browser still suffer the problem of being unable to visit pages that uses IE controls and can only be surfed by IE. ChromePlus solve this problem by adding a feature call IE tab to allow users to open an IE tab while surfing pages with IE controls.

5. Context Menu-based download tools

Most browsers have the problem of managing download tools through the browser. With ChromePlus, users can now select which file should be downloaded by which file downloader by simply right-click into the context menu.

6. Incognito Browsing Mode

Much like the Private Mode in IE and Firefox, ChromePlus adopted the Incognito Browsing Mode, where users can surf without leaving behind any traces, history and cookies.

So if you considered Chrome the best and the fastest  browser out there, think again; ChromePlus richer feature and parallel development alongside Chrome means that ChromePlus will almost be certain of better feature set and similar performance benchmark, making it the better browser overall!

Download ChromePlus HERE.

Visit the ChromePlus Official Site.


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