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GMail Let You Import eMails and Contacts From Other Mail Accounts


Everyday, GMail popularity is increasing rapidly among professional users and students. Almost every 2nd person has his/her account on GMail for professional or personal use. The one reason is there are many good features and specially is fight against spams and spammers. The other good reasons is it is designed strictly considering Usability and Accessibility rules.

I have chosen just one feature from GMail to write this pictorial article: Import eMails and Contacts from Other Mail Accounts. I hope this pictorial will help you to easily import your eMails and contacts from other Mail accounts.

I suppose you have your account on GMail. So, let’s us start.

After log in to account you will see a link bar at the top right corner in your GMail account. Click on Import Mail & Contacts OR Settings.

If you click on Import mail & contacts, you will directly go to Accounts and Import setting page. If you click on Settings, you will need to click on Accounts and Import in the Settings bar. There you will see a button

A new pop-up window will open. You need to enter you eMail from which you wanna import your contacts and mails.

Then you will be asked to enter your password for the account which you have entered already.

Now in new window, you will see that you can import contacts, mails, new mails for next 30 days and you can give label to imported mails.

Finally, you will be confirmed that you contacts and mails are being imported. It may take up to 2 days depending on the data which is being imported.

GMail also gives you the option to make imported eMail account as default account.


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