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Avanquest Software Promotions From 06 September To 26 September 2010



Hi Friends,

If you participated in GiveAway – 13 : 50 Licenses WinX DVD Video Converter Pack (DVD Ripper Platinum + HD Video Converter Deluxe) but have not received your license yet, please, let us know.

On these ComputeLogy pages, I have shared many shareware promos, which consist of Fix-It Utilities, Zoner Photo Studio, Power Translator, Serif Software, WebEasy 7 Pro, eXpert PDF 6 Pro, ABBYY PDF Transformer and lot more from Avanquest.  Visits to the related articles showed your great interest in those promos. Now once again, Avanquest is offering free shareware software or discount everyday from 06 September To 26 September 2010. Before continuing, let me tell you that I do not know about the language of offered software. The reason is these shareware promos are from Avanquest France. But I think all the offered software will also have English layout. Let’s us see.

I am bit late in writing this article because I was out for a while. Below is a snap of e-Mail which Avanquest has sent to their subscribers:

(snap deleted incedently)


Todays shareware promo is Fix-It Disk Optimizer. The web address is:

This  URL will show you the current offered software but you can see all the offers just by changing the last digits from 6 to 26. e.g.


If you change last digit in URL to 7, you will see the next day promo. By this way, you can see all the promos now. Once again, please keep in mind that free software are not offered everyday. Sometime you will get huge discounts. Do you wanna see all offered software;


To download or to go to specific page of promo, you may need to click on the big black button which will look like this:

(snap deleted incedently)


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