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Windows Card Gamers Will Love Free Spider 2009 Solitaire Collection



I don’t play cards, and I’m never a fan of cards. In fact, those card games onboard Windows are one of those first things I would remove whenever I reinstalled a clean copy of Windows. But that does not mean that everyone is the same as I am. This is why I would like to share with you, this all-in-one free collection of Spider 2009 Solitaire Card Games with you.

Spider 2009 Solitaire Collection is a compilation of free card games offered by TreeCardGames that include the following games for your playing pleasure:

§ Coleopter
§ Simple Simon
§ Spider
§ Spider One Suit
§ Spider Two Suits

Although it sounds as though Spider 2009 is just an all-in-one collection, it is interesting to note that this is not the case. In fact, there are some rather interesting features in Spider 2009:

1. Ribbon Interface

Spider 2009 includes the Ribbon, a graphical user interface composed of a strip across the top of the main playing area. Ribbon interface is a part of the new Microsoft Fluent User Interface that replaces the menus and toolbars used until the previous version of Free Spider.

2. New Card Size

Free Spider 2009 has a new “standard” card size, which is much larger than previous versions. Numbers and suits are easier to see, and images show richer, more enhanced details. The new auto-sizing feature will adapt the cards to any screen resolution, from 640×480 to 1920×1200 pixels and higher. Playing Free Spider 2009 is now even more fun!

3. New Graphics

Free Spider 2009 features new card backs and new full-screen backgrounds. There are five new card backgrounds plus three deck table backgrounds available for selection. Users can also choose a color scheme at random.

All in all, Spider 2009 Solitaire Collection should give card players a fresher look of the original game they are used to.

Download Free Spider 2009 Solitaire Collections from this download link now.




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