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Get Free AquaSoft PhotoKalender v1.2.11


AquaSoft PhotoKalander can easily let you create photo calenders with a few mouse clicks. You can created sophisticated as well as horrible calenders. It is up to you but AquaSoft PhotoKalender really made it easy. The current release is 3 but something is better than nothing. So, here in promo you will get v1.2.11 which is exactly 2 years old. It is available in 5 languages:
English, Deutsch, Espanol, Italiano, Magyar.

Just 5 steps and you will create your favorite Photo Calender. The steps are shown in the following snap:

[Image Deleted] Grab It:
This is being offered on CHIP.de.

1: Open the following URL (copy n paste) into your browser and fill a short form and submit it. For guidance, follow snap P1. Use Firefox/Opera browser for good performance.

[Image Deleted] 2: After submitting form, check your email, you will get a confirmation email. Confirm your request by clicking on the confirmation link given into email. Soon after confirming email, you will get another email telling you that your account with AquaSoft has been created and you can see your license into your account. Email will be containing your login and password. In fact, your email address is your Login name and on the right side of word Passwort is your Password.

3: Login on the German language interface instead of English interface. The reason is license was not visible on English interface. It may you will not face same problem. Follow snap P2 n P3 on how to login.

[Image Deleted] 4: Look at snap P4 to find your license.

[Image Deleted] 5: Download PhotoKalender v1.2.11 from the following URL (copy n paste) and install it with the Grabbed license. To download press big blue button Zum Download. You will be directed to next page. Click on Download-Server CHIP Online. Your download will start soon.

Direct download link



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