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Get Free Ashampoo SeeYa! 2 (Save 19.99 EUR)


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Honestly, I do not remember that ever heard about Ashampoo SeeYa! before. Even few hours ago, I did not know that there was any software with such name. I was looking for something else and it came ahead. So sharing it first and what I was doing, will share later.

As I have written already I did not use this software before. I can not say a word about its functionality. So, what Ashampoo said about it is here:

Ashampoo SeeYa! 2 allows you to compress images and voice to create a compact, one-file, talking slideshow. Or add text messages that can be displayed directly to the picture. An executable file, which could be saved as ZIP-file, too. You can send it to your family, friends or your business partners around the world! It is so easy! You will love it!

With Ashampoo SeeYa! 2 all users of digital images – individuals, corporations, families or companies – can create, store, transmit, send, or post sound enhanced images with just a couple of mouse clicks!

Step 1:
Choose your pictures you like to send to your family, friends or business partners. You can arrange these very easy with the new sort function.
Step 2:
Now you can record your voice to every picture – your recipients can hear your voice commentating the images you choose. It does not matter if you will have no mircophone for recording. Write your messages in the textbox. It will be displayed upon the picture.
Step 3:
Compress the whole thing into a small self executable or zip file and send it straight to the people you want to see and hear it!

System Required:
Windows XP, 98, 2000, Me, Nt4 and 95.

Grab It:

Read full procedure before Grabbing it.

1: Open any of the following URL into your browser and type your email in required field and submit form. Follow snap P2 for better understanding. (URL copy n paste)


[Image Deleted]

2: Download SeeYa! from Ashampoo’s website and install it. After installation, you will be asked to register it. Simply, use the registration key which you received after registering your email. You can also check your registration key into your Ashampoo’s account. SeeYa! page is here: (URL copy n paste)

Remember! After registration, if you see, SeeYa! is still showing it as trial, close the program and restart it. You will see that trial info is gone.

I am supposing that you already have account with Ashampoo. If not, you should have one to grab all promotional offers. Better to create one permanent account with Ashampoo.


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