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Gegereka The Objective File Search Engine



Today, we see that Google is holding over 77% share of searches made on Internet. There is no doubt, it is really helpful in finding the material which is almost impossible to find somewhere else. The matter is normally searches which made on Google are contextual searches. These searches provide you information about the search topic. You get hundreds of links to info about your search query e.g. you search about an mp3 and found links to sites which are selling those mp3 but you will not find any link to download of such mp3. You have to do a deeper search to find download link on Google. Here Gegereka helps you.

Gegereka is the best search engine to do objectify searches. You can search for .mp3, .wav, .jpg, .gif, .avi, .mpg, .zip, .rar, .gz, .exe, .doc, .txt, .pdf, .xls, .ppt and any other type which comes in your mind you can search on Gegereka. You will not find the links about infos but download links from hundreds of thousands of ftp servers around the world.

Gegereka does ftp search of your desired file and go through a huge number of independent ftp servers around the world to give you results. All this is done in milliseconds. The notable thing is the owners of those ftp servers may not know that Gegereka is searching into their servers. Many time, you get download links, from the software makers servers, which are not accessible without paying the price of such software.

You need to have unlock code to do download the searched material. It is very simple. Gegereka will ask you about your login name and email. You can choose any name but email should be real. You provide these info and Gegereka will give you unlock code. You simply use that code to unlock your download. My experience shows that you will never be spammed. I am using it since a long time and my email has never been spammed.

As Gegereka searches ftp servers, you may notice that some servers which were available in first search are not shown in second search. Gegereka crawl through independent ftp servers, they do not have any control over those servers. So, same search may not give you same results every time. But you will find many new ftp servers, too, if olds are out.

There are some precautions. It is not necessary that your download is the exact what you are looking for as Gegereka has no control over the contents on the ftp servers. It may also possible that download is infected with some sort of malware. There is a warning for ftp server owners that it may also possible that Gegereak is being used by RIAA or MPAA to put down the servers shown in searches at Gegereka.

Overall, this is very nice search engine which exactly gives you the download link which is difficult to find on other search engines. Give Gegereka a try.


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Ali Akbar

this is really a great search engine. I have added it to my firefox search engine list.


Hey techgeek, which is the best antispyware? spyware terminator, superantispyware or ad aware?


@ Juahao – As long as you are getting real time protection and updates, any AntiSpyware will be OK. Check here "A Handy List of Free AntiSpywares". You can use two or more at the same time. SuperAS is better but free version does not provide realtime protection. Malwarebytes is better than SuperAS.

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