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Get Free Vexira Antivirus License Valid for 330 Days


In many previous posts, I shared how you can get different AntiVirus software. Specially, Avira’s promotions were all over. I wrote it already that that was just a business. Once you are satisfied, you will be customer of that product. The matter is no promo was offered longer that 6 months. Some security software vendors do not dare 6 months promo. Nevermind. Here, I found a promo from Akron Beacon Journal offering Vexira AntiVirus. Basically, this offer is just for Akron Beacon Journal readers but anybody can use it because it is open on Internet.

I could not test this AntiVirus so I am unable to tell you personal experiences. But they say that Vexira is a light weight, simple to use AntiVirus. It does not effect system performance at all. The only problem is its slow scanning. It takes more time for scanning compared to other AntiVirus software.

Vexira AntiVirus is designed for everybody keeping in view a simple home user to big enterprises. You can use it to protect your home computer as well as a network on thousands of computers. It is designed to protect home, enterprises, ISPs, web portals, businesses, schools, and government agencies. It can protect you against viruses, worms, trojans, spyware, adware, and spam. Unfortunately, there is no firewall integrated so no firewall protection but you can use NetVeda Safety.NET Free firewall which is best among free firewalls.


* Total protection: Complete protection against viruses, worms, trojans, spyware, adware, and spam.
* Protect home computer as well as enterprise: Less resource consuming and active protection for all level of use from home to enterprise.
* Low total cost of ownership (TCO) – Designed to reduce administrative tasks and increase or maintain overall effectiveness of the virus protection system automatically
* Automatic updating and upgrading – Single computers or entire networks using the Vexira Central Management Solution can be configured to maintain maximum protection effortlessly
* Central management and deployment – Can be easily deployed, managed, configured, and controlled from a centralized location
* Innovative antivirus technology – Based on over 15 years of extensive research in providing complete protection against all types of viruses, worms, and trojans
* Free support – Licenses over 25 users receive free live phone based product support during license term

How to Grab:
As I have already told you this offer is basically for Akron Beacon Journal readers but every body can use this license because it can be found on Internet. This license is valid until June 28, 2010. This means complete 11 months or 333 days. WoW. The lisense is:
User name: ABJ Reader
Registration key: ESKSU-UMREA-A8CBT

Users running Windows 98/ME/2000/XP click here.
Users running Windows Vista (32-bit) click here.
Users running Windows Vista (64-bit) click here.

GMT is 0945 and there is only one link on Google which shows the license and link to that promo page of Akron Beacon Jouranl. This means, I am the first blogger to tell you about this offer. Here is the proof that I am the first blogger to show you this offer:

Update (Date: Aug 08, 2009 10:45GMT): I have deleted some contents to clean my blog. Simply, I want to make it clear “ASKING FOR YOUR RIGHTS IS NOT WRONG”. And I believe you can not get your rights always politely, you have to be bad for some time and I used bad manners. This is not childish behavior. The childishness is killing others rights. I may do it again if I see somebody is killing my rights.


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Feels promising. I will try it. 😉


@ FatCat – All links on this articles are tested and declared clean by McAfee SiteAdvisor. Avast has also declared it as clean. Outpost warning should be true-false.


I don't understand…as i surf this page my Outpost Firewall keeps informing me that there's a network attack on the host….is there something wrong with this page?


Thank You Techgeek. No more worries about protection.


Yes! I know and I have already mentioned it in my article. Nevermind, he can do anything on his blog. Leave it.


@umakanth – He is a very famous blogger and people believe him. I regard his knowledge but, now, no personal regards. He does not like if others copy him but he likes to copy others without credits. He should follow same rules what he has for others because Internet is not invented for him.


@techgeeks; and raymond talks about copy cats and other stuff,as if he was genuine


@umakanth – LOL. he does not know what he did. he has to face it in future. BTW, leave this topic. lets move forward. 😉


@techgeek: at last raymond in his forum describes this as childish thing in geek language?

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