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Download Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Free for Limited Time (18+)


I never have had the chance to play Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas because of lack of time. I did play its previous releases but this. Now, I can get it free, I might play it this time. I have heard a lot about it from friends. According to Wikipedia, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is one among the most praised games which have been released so far.

Getting Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for free is a very simple process. Just download Rockstar Game Launcher and install it. After installation, run it. You will see a banner mentioning the game available as free. Just click on it and claim your free game.

Well to do all of this, you will also need a free account on Rockstar Games. When you will run Rockstar Game Launcher first time after installation, you will be asked to longin (create account if you are doing it first time and you do not have any account previously on Rockstar). Download Rockstar game laucher directly from the link below:


I have created a small pictorial how you can download Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas free via your Rockstar game laucher. I suppose you have already created your account and you are already signed into Rockstar game laucher.


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