Are You in a Rush in Paris? Download Miss Pipi Paris Free for iPhone


I understand this situation and some times it becomes very critical. This has happened to me many times, especially how can I forget my visit to Frankfurt a few years ago. There I found a a cheap but good small Iraqi restaurant serving spicy food. I ate a lot. Then, I went to riverbank walk. And it happened then. I felt urgent need to go to WC. My hotel was near the main railway station and to go back I needed to walk over two kilometers. Somehow, I managed to go back to my room. If I have had such app there on my Samsung Galaxy Note 2, I might had not faced the situation. Well, if you are in Paris and you have the same situation like I had, download Miss Pipi Paris free for your iPhone and find the nearest WC location with minimum route to.

An urgent desire spoils your walk in Paris? “Miss Pipi Paris” flies to your rescue and finds in the blink of an eye the toilets closest to your current location and the fastest way that leads to it.

The intelligence of “Miss Pipi Paris” has a name: Here We Go! ®, the magic button that does everything for you.

No longer a question of losing your temper on illegible plans or trying to get to the bathroom once they are chosen. Because we must not waste time in this crucial moment!


  • Clean design that gives clarity to information.
  • A smart app! In the blink of an eye, “Miss Pipi Paris” takes you by the hand to take you to the right place.
  • The magic button Here We Go! ®. A tap, and the nearest toilet and the fastest way are displayed!
  • A dark theme to relieve your small eyes. “Miss Pipi Paris” darkens when the card does it too!

App the apps mentioned here are free at the time of writing this article. There may be price change when you visit the Apple App Store.


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