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Get The Meteorite Game for Free @MicrosoftStore


The Meteorite Game Banner
The Meteorite Game Banner

Are you bored now playing all the battle royale games? Are you bored playing all the high-tech and more advanced games which gives you lots of options and progress but gives you less time to think? Are you bored because you have to finish battle royale or you will lose your progress? Are you at the stage of enough is enough and want to trim your experience down to have fun with your family and friends without a lot of intense brain work? Try The Meteorite. Right now, you can get The Meteorite game for free from Microsoft Store. The Meteorite game is free for next 19 days.

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The Meteorite is also a type of battle royale but not exactly what you have played. The game is in initial stage and does not have a lot of features and commodities. But on the game page the developer ‪Sasandara Dilmina is promising to develop the fame further.

The Meteorite game is rated for mature audience. The recommended OS is at least Windows 10. The game size is over 1.25GB.


  • Team Death Match
  • Capture The Flag
  • Advanced Login System
  • Level Up System
  • High Quality Graphics
  • User Friendly GUI
  • Friend List System
  • Clan System
  • In Game Currency System
  • Customizable Host Menu
  • Customizable Rooms Menu
  • Multiplayer
  • Single Player with Bots
  • Multiplayer with Bots

Get The Meteorite, a Multiplayer Action Shooter Game experience with your friends and family. Create your own Clans and fight for the best Clan. Create custom rooms as you want and enjoy with your friends. Earn In game Coins while playing The Meteorite and redeem them in the upcoming In Game Shop for new skins, weapons and new characters.

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The Meteorite
The Meteorite
Developer: Sasandara Dilmina
Price: Free


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