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TheOneSpy is a high-tech spy app developed to track the Android phone of someone else. The app provides hundreds of features to monitor and control the Android devices without getting access. The app is intended for legitimate monitoring of kids’ mobile phones as well as employees’ cell phones. There are various package plans and subscription periods for the cell phone spy software.

How does the Android Spy Software Work?

The Android spy software is needed to be installed on the targeted Android mobile phone. After installation, the app syncs the targeted phone data and uploads that data to an online account. The end-user of the spy software can log into that confidential account and monitor the phone data anytime and from anywhere.

Core Features of Android Spy Software

There are hundreds of features that allow users to track the Android phone and control certain functionalities of the phone distantly. Given are the main features of the Android spy software.

Call Recording

TheOneSpy is amongst the few Android spy apps that allow tracking the phone calls. It works as a call recorder and records all the incoming and outgoing calls on the monitored phone. The recorded calls get uploaded to spy software account from where the end-user can listen and download these calls and see contact details of the caller and recipients.

Track Messages

The Android tracking app lets you read the messages received and transmitted by your children and workers. This includes MMS, SMS and the messages exchanged via social media and instant messaging apps. The spy app also shows the name and phone number of the message disseminator and receiver.

Monitor Social Media Apps

The popular social media apps including Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, Tinder, Skype, Line, IMO, WhatsApp, Viber, Tumblr, Telegram, Vine, Zalo and Yahoo Messenger can be tracked with Android spy software. The Android spy software allows reading the social media chats; tracking the social media posts and sharing and monitoring the friends-list.

Access Web History

The spy software offers a solution for monitoring and managing the internet access on the target mobile phone. It provides user-friendly stats regarding the websites visited and data searched on the monitored phone.

Live Screen Sharing

The live screen sharing is one of the most advanced and exclusive features of the Android spy software. The end-user can remotely send a command to the monitored phone to see whatever appears on the phone screen in real-time. 

Screen Recording

The screen recording feature lets you record the targeted phone screen in current or scheduled time.

Track Surroundings

The surround monitoring feature of the spy software lets you monitor the events happening around the targeted phone. You can distantly activate the microphone of the target phone to listen to the surrounding sounds and voices. Also, the camera of the monitored device can be controlled to capture photos and make videos to monitor what is happening around.

Track Location

You can detect the exact current and former locations of your target and mark multiple locations to get alerts on the entrance and exit of the target from these marked locations.

Access Keylogs

The Android spy app accesses the strokes applied to the monitored phone’s keyboard. It includes the keylogs of usernames, passwords, messages and email addresses.

Track Emails

The emails received and transmitted from the Gmail can be tracked with the Android surveillance software. The end-user can read the emails of the target and see the email addresses of negotiating individuals and groups.

View Photos and Videos

The photos and videos captured from the monitored phone downloaded from the web and received from other sources can be monitored and downloaded from the spy app account.

Control Apps

The mobile apps installed on the monitored Android phone can remotely be blocked, unblocked and uninstalled right from the spy app control panel.

Lock/Unlock Phone

The monitored phone can remotely be locked and unlocked to protect the phone data in case of loss/theft.

Block Messaging and Internet

The Android tracking app lets you monitor the driving speed of your children and remote workers. The app automatically blocks messaging and internet access on the monitored phone if the driving speed exceeds a certain limit.

Compatible Devices

The Android spy software supports Samsung, LG, HTC, Motorola, Sony, Huawei and popular Android phone brands. It is compatible with Android phones running Android version 2.3 to 7.1.


TheOneSpy cell phone spying software is among the top-notch spying solutions. It is secure and feature-rich software which executes all functions without creating any noise or generating any notification on the target Android phone.  


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