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Giveaway: New Ability Office Standard v8 License Key [Microsoft Office Alternative]



Productivity suites are not in great numbers compared to other tools available for Windows computers. For example, tools for hard disk problem solving are in hundreds if not thousands as well as security software are also in hundreds. Productivity suites are hard to build because of the nature of tasks to be done. For example tools to be used for office environment can be counted on fingertips like Microsoft Office (proprietary), Apache OpenOffice (free open source), LibreOffice (free open source), SoftwareMaker Office (free & proprietary), WPS Office (free & proprietary), and online office suite Google Docs (free). I have written a post about free office suites alternative to Microsoft Office. But right now, with cooperation of Ability Software Int., I have a giveaway of Ability Office Standard v8 [Latest].

Ability Office Standard has three core applications in the package: Write, Presentation and Spreadsheet. There are two more tools in the Ability Office Standard: Photoalbum and Photopaint. Write is alternative to Microsoft Word, Presentation is alternative to Microsoft PowerPoint, and Spreadsheet is alternative to Microsoft Excel. It let you open, modify and save all Microsoft Office files as well as Apache OpenOffice files of the respective apps. For example Ability Write can open, edit and save Microsoft Word files and so on. Thus, it eliminates the need of Microsoft Office Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

I have been using Ability Office Standard since two weeks and I did not feel at all that I am not using Microsoft Office. There is some difference of costume and polishing majorly, but functions and features are same. Below is an image of Microsoft Word 2019 and Ability Write 2018. Ribbon-bars, in both windows, do not look identical but, in fact, most of the functions are same. In Ability Write you will find the difference of features under Tools ribbon. Yes! Microsoft Office still has more features but, you know, they just want to put everything in one package. Also you pay a lot more for Microsoft Office and you pay for the features you will never use. 


Ability Photoalbum is just a photo viewer. But Ability Photopaint is a great tool for digital photo manipulation. It eliminates the need to buy any extra photo editing tool.

You can download Ability Office Standard as a trail from the following link, test the apps included in the package. You will find it useful unless you have very special needs which can only be fulfilled by Microsoft Office or Adobe Photoshop. Well, you will pay more then.

Ability Office web page: https://ability.com/

Ability Office Standard Download web page: https://ability.com/en/download

Giveaway Rule:

  • Just leave a comment to participate in giveaway Ability Office Standard.


  1. One comment is enough. No matter how many times you comments, you will be counted only once.
  2. Participants using temporary and disposable emails will not be given the prize if they win. The win will go to next with legitimate email address.
  3. Spam will not be tolerated.
  4. The winners emails with mentioned names will be forwarded to Ability Software Int. Non-winners emails will not be forwarded.
  5. The license is valid for one year with all incremental updates in Ability Office Standard v8.
  6. The winners will have free support for the whole year.
  7. The license will be activated only once you activate it in the Ability Office Standard.
  8. The license is valid for only one PC but can be used as many times as needed. In case of any problem, contact Ability support.
  9. Right now, we have only 10 licenses. There is a bigger giveaway in the pipeline if you show interest.
  10. Please, you don’t have to if you do not want, share on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or any other as you wish.
  11. Do not hit the panic button if your comment does not appear for a few hours. I might be busy and may not have time to approve it. But I will do it.

The draw will be finalized on Thursday 25 at 23.59 GMT. You need to comment before the end time to be considered as participant. The winners will be announced on Friday 26 some time. Random.org will be used to find the winners. The first 10 in the randomized list will be the winners.


Thanks for the participation and … Well, there are only 3 comments for this giveaway of Ability Office Standard v8. The commentators will get their licenses within a couple of days.


All the participants, except Dinesh_Kumar (@dinesh1033), have been emailed carrying their licenses for Ability Office Standard v8. I need your email Dinesh so that I can dispatch you Ability Office license.


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I would like to try.

Dinesh_Kumar (@dinesh1033)

That looks great for productivity. please count me in for this.

Imran K

Hello Dinesh,
May I get your email? I have tried to reach you via Twitter but got no reply. Please, provide your email so that I can send you the license of Ability Office Standard v8.

Azhar Madia

I would like to have one for my kid’s notebook

Bruce Fraser

Misleading title to this article.
This is not a “giveaway.” It’s a contest.
Check out “GiveawayOfTheDay.com” to understand the difference.

Imran K

Hi Bruce, I was reading your all comments today and here you are again. Lovely. Thanks for the meaningful critics. I really appreciate it. This giveaway is a giveaway but in shape of contest. Writing giveaway on such type of contests is a common practice on internet and I just followed that practice. I will… Read more »

Bruce Fraser

Hi BR,
Subtle hint taken.
I wish you well on this website.

Imran K

Hello Bruce,

BR means Best Regards, which is not my name. It is Perti.
Goodbye friend. Hope to see you soon.

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