6 Best Free Office Suite Alternative to Microsoft Office


[Read the update post 12 Best Free Office Software in 2022]. Microsoft Office is standard for office documentation. Because of Microsoft’s massive advertisements and integration with Windows operating system, everybody wants to use it. That’s why you will see it everywhere from office computer to personal computer.

Unfortunately, not everybody can afford Microsoft Office. It is very costly for personal use. Specially Office 365 on subscription base is not affordable for everybody. Big companies and organizations may afford it but for personal use, I do not think anyone should use it.

So, we know Microsoft Office is costly, but how does it get customers? Microsoft offers its products to schools at very low rate. There, every student uses its Office suite. This is how they become habitual and then want to have it later in their life. In start, it costs them nothing but once addicted, they need to spend.

Fortunately, there are very good alternatives office suites available at no cost at all. These free office suites can do almost everything Microsoft Office can do. Some of free office suites alternatives can be installed in computer and some can be used online via browser.

Microsoft Office 365 is inspired by Google Docs (G Suite). Microsoft does not admit it because it is so stubborn.

Here is a table of free best office suites alternatives to Microsoft Office. The list contains OpenOffice, LibreOffice, WPS Office Free (previously known as Kingsoft Office), Calligra (do you knew?), Google Docs (G Suite), and FreeOffice (was known as SoftMaker Office).

[table id=ms-office-alternative /]