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Free Franzis CutOut 5 Standard License Key


Franzis CutOut 5 Banner Box
Franzis CutOut 5

Franzis CutOut 5 Standard program is not only able to analyze the image in detail and identify objects using the edge detection technology that it comes with, but also do all the hard work for you. Let’s admit it, there are some rather nasty things about graphic design that most people don’t recognize, and tracing edges and curves pixel by pixel is one of them. This is by far the biggest discomfort that a graphic designer has to cope with, and the fact that the designer will find himself returning and redoing different segments from time to time is a lot more annoying than you may think.

  • Improved algorithms for cropping objects, as well as edge-based inside / outside edge matting
  • Clever erase / error correction, lossless scaling, album view to manage
  • Improved Chromakey Matting and improved workflow for faster results
  • NEW! Support of current camera models for direct RAW processing
  • NEW! For PC & Mac! Incl. Plug-in for Adobe® Photoshop® and Adobe® Photoshop® Elements


Open the following webpage into your browser and press on red button texted Download.


Red Download Button at ComputerBuild 1

The page will refresh and a new webpage will reload. You need to click on the redbutton again and your download for Franzis CutOut 5 Standard will start.

Red Download Button at ComputerBuild 2

After download, run the installer. You will see a window as shown below.

Franzis CutOut 5 Standard Installation Window from ComputerBild

The remaining process of getting license and registering Franzis CutOut is similar to HDR Projects. I have a complete pictorial HERE. Just replace HDR Projects word with CutOut and you will do just fine.


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