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Apply for Free Maxon Cinema 4D License for Education


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Maxon Cinema 4D is the perfect choice for all 3D artists who want an easy-to-learn, yet extremely powerful product. Whether you are a beginner or a power user, Cinema 4D offers the right depth for every level of knowledge and application in order to achieve impressive results in a short time. With its proverbial reliability, Cinema 4D is also the perfect partner for the demanding and fast-paced 3D production routine. Industry-specific versions deliver exactly the right tools at an attractive price for every purpose.

To get educational license, you must be a student or teaching staff in a real institute. Maxon is not asking to provide .edu email. They will verify your status via local partners all over the world. So, no matter where you live in the world, you can apply for Maxon Cinema 4D educational license which is free. You will be asked to provide any of the:

  • valid International Student Identity Card (ISIC) OR
  • valid Student ID Card OR
  • valid certificate of enrollment


Maxon Cinema 4D can be used on Windows or Mac systems. Check out open source Blender which is more trusted than any other 3D rendering software and it cannot be beaten.

Open the following webpage into your browser and follow the process.



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