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Perti recommends Ruby Square for real brain storming. You have seen Rubik cube though you may have not tried to solve it ever. It is possible because it is more logic than power. You do not need to go out to shop to buy it now. Just get this Ruby Square for your Android device from Google Play and enjoy it. Either you will solve all the puzzles or you will break your phone or table if you have tablet. Just kidding. Ruby Cube is not that difficult but it does require brain.

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If you are Ready for 700+ brain-teasing puzzles, this logical game will transform your smartphone into a digital Ruby Square. It is extremely easy to understand: you have to rotate blocks of squares to match a certain pattern. The difficult part is doing that in as few moves as possible, below the world average.

Ruby Square sharpens your brain and helps you improve your memory and concentration. It is ideal for players of all ages, as a fun way to practice your puzzle solving skills.

Main features:

✔ Ruby square gameplay: the goal is to match a targeted pattern by rotating blocks of squares on a shuffled board.
✔ Hundreds of levels: the game has currently 8 different stages with various difficulties, each with 50 to 100 levels. In total, no less than 700 puzzles to solve.
✔ Various difficulties: choose between Easy, Medium, Hard or Extreme levels, depending on how good you are. Various block sizes (2×2, 3×3, 4×4) and board sizes (16 to 64).
✔ Compare scores: each level shows the world average moves to solve that. Can you master them?
✔ Color-blind friendly: Ruby Square uses a colorful palette that is colorblind thus friendly for those with impaired color vision. Ruby Square sharpens your mind, while relaxing your eyes.

The app is free at the time of writing this post. There may be price change or in-app-purchases when you visit Google Play.

Ruby Square: puzzle game
Ruby Square: puzzle game
Developer: AppSoGreat
Price: Free


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Thanks for Ruby Cube. Just got it and enjoying it already.

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