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Perti recommends Draw Pixel Art Pro for funny arty creation. Draw Pixel Art Pro was previously called Let’s 8 Bit Art. This new version is not only renamed but also has enhancements in features and tools.

Easy raster graphics editor optimized for work with small images (pixel art design) in PNG, JPG, BMP and GIF formats with the ability to create animations and work with sprite-set (strip) in the format of PNG.

The application includes:

– Nice and easy interface in both portrait and landscape orientation on different screens dpi;
– Functions of working with animation, previous phantom frame, frame manager, animation player with the ability to adjust playback speed with the future of smooth playback;
– Ability to choose the transparency background of black, gray or white;
– Quick access to eraser, palette, and all the instruments;
– 9 tools for work: brush, line, square, oval, spray, fill (4/8-way), color swap, dropper, selection, and each tool has its own flexible configuration;
– High-grade 32-bit ARGB palette (with alpha) in two formats: hue and rgb (as in the Adobe Photoshop);
– Ability to store and quickly switch between hundreds of color samples, palette manager;
– Ability to work with very small images at high zoom without interpolation (blur);
– Usable pixel grid with the ability to tuning it in the settings;
– Fast switching types of toolbars for easy work;
– The function of total state save after closing and full resume when starting (auto-save images, animations, palettes and settings);
– Ability to instant undo and redo up to 50 recent changes in the canvas;
– 5 color blend modes: normal, overlay, lighten, darken, multiply;
– 3 effects: black and white, invert colors, 8-bit colors;
– Ability to rotate the image by any angle, horizontal and vertical mirroring, stretching, cropping or enlargement of the canvas with reference to the nodal point of the image;
– Full set up all aspects of the application, including service options for advanced users, allowing to change number of undos, maximum size of the image, maximum number of fps, maximum number of samples in the palette and so on;
– Ability to save images and animations (as sprite-set) to PNG and animted GIF, palettes in a special format PLT and PAL;
– Functions palettes and open images from different applications (image galleries, file managers, etc.);
– Built-in file manager that specifies a brief description about the sprites, images and palettes;
– Access to the last 3 open image files and palettes;
– The function of adding an external or copied images by selection tool with the ability to set up color blend mode for it;
– Transform selection functions;
– Ability to export animation to GIF file and share it with your friends (optional).

Draw Pixel Art Pro
Draw Pixel Art Pro
Developer: Decipixel Games
Price: $3.49


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