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Confirmed Deceptive Ads Appearing on Google AdSense


Most of the bloggers are doing some extra earning via using Google AdSense. In fact, big names like ARS Technica and many others are using AdSense to cover the expenses. We are also using AdSense. When Adsense is being used on millions of websites, what is gonna happen if it starts delivering malicious ads?

A few days ago, I told you Google AdSense is not clean. It is bombarded with deceptive ads, which shows something else on the banner and the final is different when clicked. Also, irrelevant ads are appearing at high rate. What does a dating website ad has to do with a technology blog? Here is one ad appears on this blog. I tried to block it but still unable to find in my AdSense account.

covert ad on google adsense

I told you that I blocked a few ads as well as publisher’s accounts related to those ads. Now my AdSense account is mostly clean. There are still some bad ads needed to be blocked but those are somewhere at the end of the queue and takes time to view the ads before those ads.

A while ago, I was reading a German blog and they have faced something similar. Some AdSense ads appear on their website when visiting using mobile phone. The ad is telling the users that they have won an iPhone 7 Plus 128GB. The bloggers there disabled ads on their mobile website. The ad is show below. It is in German but you can understand it a bit.

google adsense deceptive ad in german
via Caschys blog

The ad there is totally nonsense. I mean, I was used to see these types of ads a decade ago. I have also seen victims of such covert ads. One of my friends lost access to his email account. But that was old hotmail and yahoo era. Sometime, I still see such stupid ads on Yahoo.

We could say Google AdSense is clean and trustworthy. Can we say it now? It seems like bad people has found a way to intrude into AdSense secure wall. Or, may be, there is some problem with AdSense revenue for Google?

I hope, Google team will solve this problem very soon.


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