This Is The Forbidden App For iPhone Users


How much you love your smartphone is depend upon how much it is useful for you. If you bought it for reason like I bought Galaxy Note II a.k.a Phablet II, you must love your smartphone. But if you phone is just a showpiece, you may not care much about it. So, this is clear the owner of phone has the decision power for the use of smartphone and not the phone manufacturer.

Have you ever tossed high your smartphone just for fun or in case of anger? Do you hate your phone and want to get rid of it? Do you have enough money to spend to buy new phone? This app may tell you something interesting before you kill you smartphone. But this app is not designed to take part in mobile throw competition like on in Finland.

LAT has reported that there is one app which can tell you how high it went when you threw your smartphone in air. The catch is if you can catch you smartphone before hitting the ground or you phone still works even after hitting the ground. The app name is S.M.T.H (Send Me To Heaven). This is Norwegian creation. Looks like they are more fun-lover than others.

She is just lucky, she got her phone back in hands. She did not look pro in throwing at all.

S.M.T.H was released for both iPhone and Android smartphones. Now only Android users can have S.M.T.H. Apple did not allow it to be appeared in Apple App Store. They said that the app was violating its rules about the safety of product.

Android users can get it here:

You can find them here on Facebook:


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Really, Apple? I can throw my iPhone as high as I want and I don’t need an app to do it. How you gonna stop me?

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