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Control Mozilla Firefox With Public Fox [Add-on]


It is clear now that Google Chrome has become the No.1 browser surpassing Internet Explorer (2nd) and Mozilla Firefox (3rd). This is just because Google got big budget to support its products and it is that they have large number of users because of many services which they provide free of cost. People thinks those services works better on Google Chrome. But this is not always true. My experience is all those services works better in Mozilla Firefox than Google Chrome.

We can enhance the features and functions in Firefox with Add-ons. You have used Adblock, Video DownloadHelper and many other add-ons. There is one more named Public Fox.

Public Fox gives you password protected lock control over many important features of Firefox as well as also gives you URL blocking control. So, with Public Fox, you can:

  • Lock Downloads
  • Lock Add-onsLock windows
  • Lock FirefoxLock options
  • Lock about:configLock settingsLock page
  • Lock additionLock ofLock bookmarks
  • Lock HistoryLock sidebar
  • Lock BookmarkLock sidebar
  • Lock ToolbarLock Customization
  • Lock CealrLock PrivateLock DataLock window
  • Block website address

Thinking like using Public Fox will secure your computer is not right. Now, each PC has at least two browsers. But Public Fox is useful if you only use Firefox and you do not want somebody to mess the things in it. You install it as Addon from Mozilla’s site, check the options which you want, set the password and you are done. Now whenever there is something happening in the restricted area, it will ask you to provide the set password to proceed. And you are the only one who knows the password. Right?



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Minimalistic not mean best. Chrome sucks,its only advertising and paid for be first 🙂 Firefox still the best

Imran K

Agreed that the Firefox is the best.


I wonder when IE got 2nd position from last among browsers… FireFox still got such utilities never implemented by chrome, For instance Bookmarks in side bar with full hierarchy and management utils…

However, Chrome does got speed, but it becomes fatty if you install more Extensions… well FF Addons do same..

Imran K

IE’s position is because it is pre-packed with Windows. Firefox is bit down because they do not have big pocket like Chrome.

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