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Microsoft Acting Cheap Against Samsung Galaxy S4


Microsoft could not help it going cheap against Samsung Galaxy S4. They are adopting same tactics which Samsung did against Apple by bashing their products as well as fanboys by comparing high end Galaxy phones with most admired iPhone models on media.

But in case of Microsoft, the game is different. Microsoft is ridiculously trying  to compare Nokia Lumia 521 against Samsung Galaxy S4 in one official video. If you know about Samsung Galaxy S4 features and specs, you will be laughing till cry after watching this YouTube video.

I do not care about such actions which Samsung did earlier against Apple and now Microsoft is doing against Samsung. Because, I am the person who, at least once, thinks before act. So, if I need to buy something and I have money which I can spend without sacrificing my other needs, I will buy that.

I will only buy Nokia Lumia 521 if it can do all what I can do with my Samsung Galaxy Note II.

I will say to Microsoft, “if you spit on moon, it will fall back on you face”.


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