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Here Comes Android Computer Giving You Freedom


Last year, in one of his articles, Perti wished Android replacing Windows and Mac OS in daily life and Yes! the time has come. Few days back Acer started selling DA220HQL which is a fully Android PC. Now Asus has Transformer Book AiO P1801 which runs Android and Windows 8.

The wave has started rising. The time is for fresh surfers. This is the time for old surfers to go home and do some good deeds leaving place to new one.

The new surfer in PC market is Android and this is the future of PC. You have seen all big giants like Microsoft, Apple, Nokia, etc. are trying to stop it with all fair and unfair means but Android is the wave which cannot be stopped. Why is it so?

Well, I will not go into much details but as I always said, it gives you freedom: freedom of choice. You are no more dependent on the manufacturer of your device and operating system. You can get, what you want. Yes, I know, freedom comes with danger but when you are free, you can think and you can also face the danger easily.

Android is just starting to ride PC. It is a long way to go. There are many barriers. The big one is lack of high-tech software. But, tell me who wants to miss the huge Android market? Adobe did not act when Android was just on smart devices. Can they ignore it now?

Acer DA220HQL & Asus Transformer Book AiO P1801 running Android is sign of trust in PC market.

Asus Transformer Book AiO P1801 also run Windows 8. This is also a big success for Android when a company decided to put Android equally to Windows OS.


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