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Get Free PowerDesk 8 Professional Fullversion Genuine Key Code


We always interact with File Explorer while navigating through operating system. In Windows it is called Windows Explorer. Windows default Explorer features are very limited though they are trying to enhance the experience but it will take time. Simple file copy n paste needs many clicks in default Windows explorer. To overcome lack of features, there are third party file explorers available, one of them is PowerDesk.

Avanquest PowerDesk Pro is feature rich file explorer available for Windows OS. In fact, it is file management tool and navigation utility. It is quite similar to Windows Explorer making it easy to work on. On the main interface of PowerDesk you will see many buttons which are generic default buttons used by Windows, hence making it easy to understand which button has what characteristics.

  • Work in two folders at the same time using dual panes. 
  • Compress and decompress files and folders. 
  • Transfer files over the Internet using PowerDesk FTP. 
  • Preview over 150 different file formats using the File Viewer. 
  • Search for files using quick search options or by creating advanced search options. 
  • Access and manage drive contents using the drivebar. 
  • Open a command line window to process DOS commands. 
  • Add and delete buttons to customize the program window. 
  • Start programs directly from PowerDesk using the launchbar.

Open the following webpage into your browser and fill the form as guided. Submit it pressing button Valider.


On the very next page, you can see your license key. You will also get this license key into your email.

I have tried to download PowerDesk Pro from Avanquest site, but no success. You download it from DownloadCrew here:


[UPDATE] Our commenter FreeRide has posted a multilingual link in comments. Here is the link:

ftp://ftp2.avanquest.com/evaluation/Powerdesk/8/PowerDesk_ML_R2.exe [/UPDATE]

Install PowerDesk Pro and register it with the license you have received in previous steps. If you update it, you will get PowerDesk Pro which is not latest. The latest is version 9 but there is not much difference except PowerDesk 9 is designed for Windows 8. PowerDesk 8 works fine on Windows 7.


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Thank you, but unfortunately it does not install. At the end of the installation it gives a message that I don’t have writes access to some z:… dll folder. Tried install it with Revo Pro and as an Administrator. No way.

Imran K

Well, Ohm. Restart your PC, login as Admin and try installing it again. Do you use some PC maintenance software?


you can download the matching setup from here, it is multilingual.
The version# after installation in the About window id:
Make sure you have your Serial# in order to be able to install the program,
it already is activated after installation, no additional registration needed.

Imran K

Thanks and regards,

amos milburn

Installing,,,laggy…it took so long to install i could have cooked dinner in the time it took Loading…..laggy The file panes appear about 4 seconds before the toolbar…laggy Using….laggy Even changing a folder incurs a 3 second delay before the view changes for me…wtf? If you want quick access to your files, dont use this, its… Read more »

Imran K

There are a few freeware and shareware alternative available. If you like, check it on Alternativeto.


Thank you for the quick review. Saved me alot of time trying it out so much appreciated 🙂

Imran K

You are welcome.


I have experienced the error not compatible with windows 8 64 bit.

Imran K

Of course, this will happen. I have mentioned it indirectly in last paragraph. But you install it and use it in Compatible Mode.

Greg Martin

Perti, how did you install it in compatible mode. I seem to have tried everything that won’t work! ;^(

Imran K

What is the particular error you get?

Greg Martin

I don’t get a particular error – just the message that there are incompatibilities. This is just running the install. not an error out of actual program execution. I’ve tried to install with no particular setting, with admin and xp, with admin and vista, with admin and win7 compatibility. When I “test” the progam, it… Read more »

Imran K

I am unable to figure it out whats wrong. Restart PC. In installers properties, go to Compatibility and run it in some compatibility mode like XP or 7 but you have already done it. Well, why do not u use some free alternatives like FreeCommander, etc. FreeCommander is good alternative to Windows Explorer.

Greg Martin

I’ve used powerdesk for years, and had version 6 working on vista and 7, until the freebee came out. ( pd8 works fine for me on both vista and 7) I may try 6 and 7 on win8. And will try the alternatives you mention.
Thanks for your help.
Greg M.

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