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Free Despicable Me: Minion Rush For Android & iOS By Gameloft


I think you have already seen Despicable Me 2 but if not, you should watch it on big screen. Well, meanwhile you can have a little fun by downloading free available Despicable Me: Minion Rus and enjoy the characters of Minion before movie. It is an amazing game which keeps you busy. The only problem is you cannot take your eye off from the device while playing Minion Rush.

Minion Rush is released by Gameloft which is a big name in game industry specially for portable devices like smartphones and tablets. A few other big games released by Gameloft for portable devices are Asphalt series, Iron Man 3, The Dark Knight Rises, Modern Combat, N.O.V.A, Real Football, The Croods and many more.

Minion Rush is available for Android as well as iOS devices. The total download is almost 44MB which is not huge as new Android and iOS devices come with big storage and RAM. There is not word about Windows release or at least I could not find it.

These yellow tiny creature name Minion cannot be destroyed, are strong, jet fast and do not tired no matter whatever the task is. When you play Minion Rush, you feel like you are one of them and living in their world. While I was playing, I was smiling all the time.

You run and run a lot. While running, you need to increase game credits by collecting bananas. While running, there are different kinds of hurdles which you need to pass. To do this, you do swiping; do left swipe for lest turn, do right swipe for right turn, do down swipe for slide on the ground and do upward swipe to jump over hurdles. There are levels when instead of swipe, you need to tilt your device. There is more to discover, yet.

In the start, the game is easy but with increase it levels, it becomes difficult. There are many many missions which you will enjoy. I have played it on my Cube U30GT2 Android tablet and Samsung Galaxy Note II a.k.a Phablet II. It is fun to play it on big screen. I have not played it on my Philips 42″ TV (HD, LED, 400MHz but do not remember the model) but on this weekend planning to do so. It is a single and multiplyer game.

Download for Android

Download for iOS

Homepage for Despicable Me: Minion Rush

Gru’s loyal, yellow, gibberish-speaking Minions are ready for their toughest challenge in Despicable Me: Minion Rush. Play as a Minion and compete with others in hilarious, fast-paced challenges in order to impress your boss, (former?) super-villain Gru! Jump, fly, dodge obstacles, collect bananas, be mischievous, and defeat villains to earn the title of Minion of the Year!

  • Enjoy unpredictably hilarious Minion moments
  • Perform despicable acts through hundreds of missions
  • Run through iconic locations, which are full of surprises, secrets and tricky obstacles: Gru’s Lab and Gru’s Residential Area
  • Customize your Minion with unique costumes, weapons, and power-ups
  • Battle Vector and an all-new villain exclusively created for the game


  • Encounter secret areas, unique boss fights and amazing power-ups
  • Experience custom animation and voice overs, and state-of-the-art 3D graphics
  • Enjoy multiple dynamic camera angles
  • Engage in various bonus gameplays:
  • → Destroy things as Mega Minion
  • → Collect bananas riding the Fluffy Unicorn
  • → Hang on to Gru’s Rocket for the ride of your life


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