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TodoPlus 1.840


Author: TodoPlus
Size: 3.87MB
License: Freeware
Requires: Windows XP/Vista/7 (32-Bit/64-Bit)

Do you often spend too much time on unimportant tasks? Try TodoPlus
  • Organize large to-do lists the easy way.
  • Break down long-term goals into small and achievable steps.
  • Focus on your most important tasks first.
  • Reduce time spend on unimportant tasks.
  • Stay focused on one task at a time.
  • Always know what to do next.
  • Achieve more in less time by being more productive.

What you can do with TodoPlus
  • Project management. Software development. Website development. Plan your next WordPress blog.
  • Manage your long-term goals
  • Brainstorming. Structured mindmaps.
  • Get an overview of your goals and most important tasks towards each goal. Print out this overview and look at it every day.
  • Organize checklists that you often use.
  • Create a master-plan for your career.
  • Manage your personal and professional life with categories like health, family, friends, career, home, finance etc.
  • Achieve your New Year’s resolution.
  • Plan birthdays, holidays, weddings etc.
  • Manage problems and challenges.
  • Organize your fitness routines.
Key Features
  • Easy to use : TodoPlus is designed with productivity and simplicity in mind. It is both fast and easy to manage many tasks.
  • Sub-tasks : You can have many levels of sub-tasks, that can be opened and closed like folders. This is a great way to break down large projects into smaller tasks.
  • Filters : Focus on your most important tasks using filters. Hide the unimportant tasks and finished tasks.
  • Password protection : You can add a password to each file. Files are encrypted and backed up.
  • Accessibility : Keyboard shortcuts for anything! Fast access to tools. Resizable fonts. You can use your mouse, but you don´t have to.
  • Multiple lines per task : Tasks titles can have multiple lines of text, so you can keep everything within the task list. If you need more space, just add sub-tasks.
  • Search for keywords : Search through large files for text/TAG´s, like : ‘buy’, ’email’, ‘call’, ‘urgent’ or just ‘*’. This way you are able to finish a group of related tasks faster.
  • Continue where you left off : TodoPlus remembers all your settings including window size and position, font type and size, filter settings, file history, the last opened file and edit positions.
  • Import/Export tasks : You can import text files. You can also import/insert many tasks at the same time in TodoPlus if you want to copy a checklist from a website, a text edition or an email etc. Use HTML-Previews to be able to transferred your to-do list to other software like text editors, email software, calendars and website editors.
  • Cross-platform : TodoPlus is released for both Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X, and you can share the same files between the two.


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