MRG Effitas (Malware Research Group) Flash Test 2010 Overview [Part-II]


Sorry for the late post as I’m pretty busy in the last few days. On my 1st post, I received some pretty good suggestions from Perti & reader Dalmasian. Any other suggestions are also welcome. And if you have not read the first part of Malware Test Series, you can read here: MRG Effitas (Malware Research Group) Flash Test 2010 Overview [Part-I].


  1. Top Keylogger Detection Rate: Emsisoft
  2. Top Rootkit Detection Rate: BluePoint, Emsisoft, Prevx
  3. Top Trojan Detection Rate: Emsisoft
  4. Top Worm Detection Rate: Emsisoft, Panda, Prevx, Sunbelt
  5. Top Spyware DetectionAvast, AVG, BitDefender, Emsisoft, F-Secure, GData, Immunet, McAfee, Panda, Malwarebytes, DefenseWall, Zemana AntiLogger
  6. Top Rogue Anti-Malware Detection Rate: BluePoint, Emsisoft, Eset, Pc Tools, Prevx, Hitman Pro, Malwarebytes
  7. Top Overall Detection: Emsisoft

Graphs presented are pretty easy to understand but if you still have problems, refer to my previous article where I have explained about the Graph Explanation.

MRG Part II Test 

4) MRG Flash Test 2010 – Worm Detection Rate ( Total Number of Worm tested: 8 )

– Dr.Web Antivirus scored 0% out of a total of 1 test.
– Coranti, ThreatFire and Mamutu did not take part.

5) MRG Flash Test 2010 – Spyware Detection Rate ( Total Number of Spyware tested: 1 )

– There are no graph 2/pie chart for Spyware Detection test.
– Avira, Eset, Kaspersky, Microsoft, Norton, PC Tools, Prevx/Webroot, Sunbelt, SUPERAntispyware scored 0% out of a total of 1 test.
– BluePoint, Coranti, Dr.Web Antivirus, Hitman Pro/Zemana Anti-Malware, ThreatFire, Mamutu, PE Guard did not take part.

6) MRG Flash Test 2010 – Rogue Anti-Malware Detection Rate ( Total Number of Rogue Anti-Malware tested: 4 )

– There are no graph 2/pie chart for Rogue Anti-Malware Detection test.
– AVG, BitDefender, Microsoft, SUPERAntispyware scored 0% out of a total of 4 tests.
– Coranti, Dr.Web Antivirus, ThreatFire, DefenseWall, Mamutu, PE Guard, Zemana AntiLogger did not take part.

7) MRG Flash Test 2010 – Overall Detection Rate ( Total Number of Overall tested: 62 )

– ThreatFire scored 0% out of a total of 2 tests.
– Coranti did not take part.

As we can see that Emsisoft top in every category, we shouldn’t take this test conducted by MRG as a “fair” test as it did not test for system performance and check for false positive (as this is very important in Anti-Malware test) since high detection Anti-Malware suffered from this. This test should be use as a reference and not a guide.

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– All security software are test on their default settings.
– Webroot belongs to Webroot company.
– Zemana Anti-Malware uses the same engine as Hitman Pro.
– All data/information are compiled by me manually which there might be a slight chance of typos/miscalculations.
– Only data/information are from MRG. The representing/ranking on the test are given by me(Charles) based on the scores I compiled.



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is this 2010 test result? now is 2012.
why post 2010 result? 🙂
the current test is “MRG Flash Test Project 2011”
see on their site.


@ winsevenholic Did you read part 1 of this article? I did mentioned under objectives stating that I will be using 2010 results to show how reliable that anti-virus had performed among the year and this is important. Some anti-virus had improve(Eset) among the years while other has deprove or remain the same. For MRG… Read more »


@charles: oh. okay. 😉

did you get a email from me..?

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