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Mozilla Firefox 12 Final Download For Linux, Mac OS X & Windows 8,7,Vista, XP


Browser of Brwosers: The forty days cycle is completed and now new Mozilla Firefox 12 is available on Mozilla’s servers though yet to be available for official announcement which will be within one or two days. Since last three releases, Mozilla has followed this cycle to make it sure that updates should go as normal people should not have to wait for long to get improvements and new features.

Recently, you may have read somewhere that Google Chrome, first time in browsing history, has passed Internet Explorer in usage. Well, that was ridiculously funny and the most funny part was where they totally neglected Firefox. I am not saying Google Chrome is not a safe and trustable browser. I am only saying, and have already said for number of times, that such paid reviews can not kick Firefox out from the game. Chrome users are increasing and Firefox user, too. Both are raising there share at the cost of Internet Explorer. If Chrome is more popular that all browsers, what is that billions dollars deal, which happened sometime back, between Google and Mozilla?

If you check Properties in Firefox, go to Advanced tab and then Update settings. You will see that automatically updates are enabled but you did not get Mozilla Firefox 12 and still using Firefox 11. The reason is simple, the download is not official though Firefox can be downloaded from Mozilla’s servers.

Something New: There are few new and re-enabled features:

  • In previous releases of Firefox, search by Ctrl+F always showed the results at the bottom of webpage but this is changed in Firefox 12. The Ctrl+F search results on any webpage will be shown in the middle of the browser if the webpage has enough height to scrolled the searched text to the middle of browser window.
  • Function key F6 was disabled since last three releases but in this new release, this issue is fixed and you can select address bar with pressing F6 instead of mouse movement and any other long shortcut keys.
  • I think you know about Firefox famous plugin Speed Dial where you can set frequently used websites for quick access. Now Firefox has this feature as built-in for frequently visited websites.

Once again an old request of release of Firefox x64 (64-bit) will remain request for an unknown time.

Download: You can download Mozilla Firefox for Linux, Mac and Windows 8, 7, Vista and XP.


Mac OS X

Windows [8, 7, Vista, XP]


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