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Customize Icon Size In Frequently Run Programs List


Windows keeps track of all the programs which we launch. The most frequently launched programs show up in left pane of Start Menu. Because of this most used program list, we can easily access those programs. At least, I am heavily dependent on this list because my computer desktop is full of program shortcuts and sometime it becomes annoying to find the program shortcut. To save my time, mostly, I launch program through this Start Menu List.

By default, this start menu list has big icons which occupy a lot of space, in result we only see a few icons of mostly used programs. Through Windows customization, we can decrease the size of icons in frequently run program list. By doing so, we can have more icons in the list. We can only have two sizes and at one time, all the icons will be shown in same size.

In fact, many of my friends did know it before. I did it for them and later I thought to share it because there might some other people who are not aware of this Icon customization in Start Menu. Icon size customization is quite easy. There is neither lengthy process nor Windows registry hack.

  • Right click on Windows Start button and click on Properties. Taskbar and Start Menu Properties window will open.
  • Now select Start Menu from tab menu. And then click on Customization button.
  • A new window labled Customize Start Menu will open.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of list and find Use Large Icons.
  • The check box against Use Large Icons is checked by default. Just uncheck it and press OK.
  • Now you can see small icons in left pane in Start Menu. Go back to Taskbar and Start Menu Properties window, click Apply and then OK.
Good you have done it.]]>


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