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Simpo PDF Merge and Split v2.2 Giveaway



Since a long time, step by step, I am replacing all costly software installed in my PC with alternative free/freewares. Some freeware which I am using falls in the most used categories like security software, documents handler like office docs and PDF docs, PC maintenance, etc. If I like some freeware, I usually try to donate little money because I can not afford to donate big money. In some cases, I can not change a few software because those are tailor-made.

Most famous free PDF tools like Foxit PDF Reader, NitroPDF Reader do not have splitting and merging features, though NitroPDF Reader let us  extract text and images from PDF files. I am still looking for a good free PDF tool to split and merge PDF files. Well, quest is continue but meanwhile, few hours ago, Angela from Simpo Technologies informed me that they have giveaway of Simpo PDF Merge and Split v2.2 as giveaway on Facebook. You need to have Facebook account to get your free license of Simpo PDF Merge and Split v2.2.

My experience with Simpo PDF Merge and Split v2.2 is half good and half not. I mean splitting a PDF file worked very fine but I was unable to merge two or more PDF files. Splitting a PDF file is quite easy and fast. I split a 50MB of 100 pages PDF file by extracting over 30 pages within 2 seconds. In fact it take even less than two seconds to split the PDF file. There was no loss in PDF quality. The outcome was in descending order as I gave the page numbers in the order to split, Simpo PDF Merge and Split did it same way. When, I tried to merge two PDF files, it created a merged file but empty.

Simpo PDF Merge and Split should have one more feature in splitting: split one PDF file into more than one PDF file. If you want to extract (split) some pages of a PDF file in separate files, Simpo should have this feature. In current version, you need to run splitting as many times as you want separate pages in different PDF outcomes.

Simpo PDF Merge & Split is designed to merge PDF and split PDF. With this excellent tool, you can easily merge PDF files into a single PDF, either the whole PDF or just several pages of them. Meanwhile, you can split PDF in 3 ways; 1) extract a range of pages from a PDF document; 2) split PDF by page number; 3) delete a page or several pages from a PDF. It supports to merge and split encrypted PDFs. Read More Here.

Merge PDF files in two methods
You can import many PDF files and merge them together with all pages to a single PDF. The other way is to merge PDF with specific part or pages.
Split PDF files in three ways
For splitting function, there are three ways to split pdf. You can choose  “by page number” to averagely split PDF to multiple PDF files, which will be “number” pages in total for each PDF; Or you can extract specific page(s) needed to a singe PDF; The third way is to remove some specific page(s) you don’t need, other pages retain to be a new PDF.
Support to merge and split encrypted PDF files
This is one reason you will choose Simpo PDF Merge & Split, as you can use it to merge PDF or split PDF which are encrypted.
Secure and customize output PDF files
Simpo PDF Merge & Split allows you to insert Meta Data to proclaim authority, you also can set the user and owner password with strong 128bit encryption to protect your PDFs from printing and editing.
Combine PDF merger with PDF splitter to save money
you may know some PDF merger or PDF splitter, but now, Simpo PDF Merge & Split combines the two together into one software, it’s really the best choice for you to save money.

Go to the following Facebook page and like Simpo. The page will be refreshed and the form will be active. Now, simply enter your eMail address and request license of Simpo PDF Merge and Split v2.2. Within seconds, you will receive your license with download link of Simpo PDF Merge and Split v2.2 into your eMail.



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