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MAGIX Photo Manager 10 Free – Stripped Down Release of MAGIX Photo Manager 10 Deluxe


Being in a competitive market of photo managing  and editing software, where high quality free software available like Google Picasa, etc, MAGIX team decided to capture a share of market by offering a stripped down version of its famous Photo Manager 10 Deluxe. As I do not have much experience of photo management tools, I can not give you any personal recommendation. But I hope, they will maintain the standard, they are famous for. Below is detail as per vendor:


MAGIX Photo Manager 10 – Free photo software! Your personal photo assistant! With this free photo software you can easily optimize, manage, archive and present your entire photo collection. It offers numerous functions with a user-friendly interface and is fully equipped for fast import, photo and video clip management, photo editing and presentation. You’ll be amazed by this free photo software. Photo Import. Even faster photo import from digital cameras, scanners and digital video cameras (WIA) – not only for your photos, but also for video clips and audio files. In addition, you can import and optimize uncompressed image data (so-called raw formats/ RAW) of more than 270 popular camera models. View The clearly laid-out slideshow monitor and the user interface with its dark colors help to highlight your photos. Click through your favorite snapshots manually or start the automatic slideshow. Specify how long you want each picture to be displayed and select fades. You can also zoom in and out as you please to allow for a detailed or a broader overview. Image optimization Within seconds, you can rotate, optimize, crop and copy your photos, turn them into other formats and reduce their file size. Easy optimization ranging from auto exposure to red-eye correction allow you to create radiantly beautiful photos with brilliant colors. – Brightness – Color – Contrast – Sharpness – Saturation – Color temperature – Red-eye correction – Horizon levelling – Image section – Black & white NEW! Manage Whether you want to sort or organize your photos, this free photo software enables you to keep track of your entire photo collection. Unique albums and flexible view and management modes that arrange your media according to logical criteria such as type, size, file name, creation and modification date will help you find your photos quickly and easily.

To read more and download, proceed to the following web address:



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Oh! Magix, Magix ! 😀
I like Magix: nice UI & high quality softwares.

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