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MAGIX Photo Designer 7 Free Creates Panoramic Montages, Remove Objects and Photo Selective Lightening


I wanted to write about MAGIX Photo Designer 7 in my previous article named MAGIX Photo Manager 10 Free but, mistakenly, I clicked to publish the article and now I have to write a new article. So, please, suffer it with me.

MAGIX Photo Designer 7 Free is a newly born software. Well, newly born is not a right tag, it is in fact a stripped down version of MAGIX Xara Photo & Graphic Designer 6. I might have skipped it but the three characteristics forced me to write. Those characteristics are told in the heading: Creates Panoramic Montages, Remove Unwanted/Annoying Objects from Photos and Photo Selective Lightening. I thought, might be someone of you is missing such software and would like to have it. I still do not know what is the standard of this MAGIX Photo Designer 7 Free. I will highly appreciate if you use it and share your views on ComputeLogy. Comments describing its ability, disability, benefits and drawbacks will be added int the article.

New Features:
Selective Lightening: Are some of the details of the photo too dark or is a hard shadow spoiling the picture? Similar to classic dodging, you can use the “lightening” function to expose selected areas of your photo and to enhance them in different ways. You can customize the tool to your needs: from large with a soft structure to pixel precision. This enables you to make even detailed corrections.
Remove Objects: Now nothing can ruin your photos! It’s a cinch to remove bothersome objects from photos by replacing them with a similar background from the same image. Whether poles, power lines or signs, with just a few clicks you can edit your image and remove any flaws.
Panorama Montages: Combine individual images seamlessly and in just a few steps to create fantastic panorama pictures. The photos are automatically combined into one picture. You can also correct details manually. The result: absolutely realistic panoramas!
General Features:
Lightning-fast and easy image editing: whether optimizing, editing, retouching, or distorting – these tools are perfect for correcting your photos:
* Quick optimization: exposure, contrast, color, sharpness, horizon levelling
* Advanced brightness correction: shadows, lights, middle tones, selective brightness (Gamma), white balance
* Crop, scale, rotate and mirror image formats
* Swap colors: replace selected colors with a color of your choice
* Create collages using object masks, cropping help (magic wand, lasso, etc.) and the distortion tool
* Get rid of scratches, rips and stains (clone tool)
* Fill tool, color blend tool, effects brush
* Enter and edit text directly in the image

For more details and download, head to the following web address:



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