Get Free Laplink’s PC Lock Genuine License- Last Few Hours Remaining


Thanks to Zsolt for his precious contribution of hunting the promos and share them with us. He has done it many times. I am not going into details of product because the name PC Lock makes it clear that it is PC data security software.

PC Lock offers powerful and sophisticated encryption that automatically protects personal and sensitive data, keeping you safe from hackers and thieves. Don’t let others spy on you or access your private information.
High Security Encryption
Protects your sensitive documents with military-grade 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption.
Cloud Protection & Remote Management
Reset your password or securely delete your data from web-based management tool for an extra layer of protection.
Easy to Install & Use
Simple wizard walks you through installation and configuration. Your files are encrypted as soon as PC Lock is installed!
Automatic & “Invisible” Encryption
Encrypts files automatically in the background without slowing down your PC. Selectivity options allow you to control what is encrypted.
Compatible with Other Security Software
Provides an extra layer of protection and complements your current PC security software.
Instant PC Protection
If your PC is lost or stolen, PC Lock prevents unauthorized access to your files even if your stolen computer is never again connected to the Internet.

Open the following web address and click on big Green Button Get It Now at the top of article. On the next page, you will see that your total spending is EUR00.00. Now simply fill a short form and click on the Red Button Continue.

Now you will be asked to check your provided info and ask to confirm it by clicking Place My Order. Do it.

On the next page, you will see your info again along with you will be told to check your eMail which will have product download link along with license key. You can get the same info by click on Red Button Get Your Product Now. After this you will see page like this as below:


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Activate the software with the license code before May.31. No free upgrade and no tech support.

Activate the software with the license code before May.31. No free upgrade and no tech support.

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