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Fullversion Laplink PCmover 5 Express License Code


[Also check the new  Free Genuine License Laplink PCmover 6 Professional]. [Update] The promo-code is not working anymore. It was working at the time of posting the article.[/Update] If you are just migrating to Windows 7 from Windows XP or Vista and you do not have many software to migrate other than your OS files, you have a better choice: Laplink PCmover 5 Express. This is a very limited version but I think for a simple home user, it is quite enough to help in migration to Winows 7.

I have already shared one other Laplink PCmover 5 Express promo in March 2011. I thought many of you who are migrating now to new OS like Win-7 from XP or Vista, may need it. So, found a new promo and decided to share it. But I am waiting for Windows 8.

Transfer settings, user accounts, documents, and applications from Windows XP to Windows 7. Lots of transferring options. As quick as or quicker than Microsoft’s own Upgrade option for Vista-to-7 installations.
Lots of wizard screens. Tries to install browser toolbar. Undoing migration doesn’t remove all folders and files.
Bottom Line
For anyone wanting to upgrade from Windows XP to Windows 7, Laplink’s PCmover is a thing of beauty. Some of its processes seem more geared towards migrations between two machines as opposed to an in-place upgrade, but it’s a small price to pay for this kind of convenience. [PCmag.com]

Let me tell you that with PCmover 5 Express Edt. you can only transfer maximum three installed software other that your operating system to a new PC. So, hardware based software or the software using hardware fingerprints may not work on new PC, leave them behind. You can find a guide for Laplink PCmover 5 Express here:

I suppose, you already have account on Laplink.com and you are already logged in. Open the following web address into your browser and, if needed login. Now if you see that there is no promo-code in the text box in step 2, enter 532EDFCGIDJ4.


You will be taken to your account on Laplink.com. Just go to my registered products and download your PCmover 5 Express. You will also see you license key, there. You can use as you want.

Remember, Laplink PCmover 5 Express will try to install ASK toolbar. You have option to not to install it.


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    This Product Code has expired.

This product code has expired.


This product code has expired.


This product code has expired.


This product code has expired.

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