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Fullversion Steganos Online-Banking 2011 (German Only)


Steganos Online-Banking 2011 is newly released software to make secure your bank transactions. Unfortunately, it is not available in English language. I am publishing it because a large number of visitors to ComputeLogy.com are from Germany. But I will make my article very short limited to the guide to promo.

Optimal protection for your banking needs. Anytime, anywhere!
Banking over the Internet is easy, convenient – and is now finally also certain that with Steganos Online-Banking 2011 you do your banking on the PC very easy now and you do not need to go to the website of your bank. Steganos Online-Banking 2011 let you protect yourself and your money against attacks from phishing, pharming, fake bank sites and security holes in Internet browser.

The risks from site-banking
Cracked account, money theft – an absolute nightmare scenario but unfortunately this is often the reality. You have read and heard many times that every years, hundreds of millions dollars online bank frauds. How is that possible? The secret is your Internet browser.

Whether you are using Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari, does not matter. Because no browser is 100% secure. Criminals often use so-called “vulnerabilities”to display spoofed banking sites. Once the scammers have your PIN and TAN tapped, the account is emptied in a flash.

Gratis Vollversion:

In fact, there are three links available to Steganos Online Banking 2011. One promo link is for full version and two are for limited version to use only with one banking account.

First link to Online Banking 2011 is to full version. (Read Update 1 for working link)

Below two links are for limited version of Steganos Online Banking 2011

Update 1:


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Thanks! No English version (  Is this possible switch to English??


I think, it is not possible to switch to English because Steganos Online Banking 2011 has no English version at all.


No, it is not possible to switch to English version because there is no English version of Steganos Online Banking 2011 at all.

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