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Get Free Laplink PCmover 6 Professional Genuine Key Code [Latest]


If you still have an old model Windows PC with minimum to no specs, this might be the best time to get new computer. Because, Intel’s and AMD’s high profile multi-core systems are available at affordable prices. These systems will not leave you for next four years. I replaced my personal Dell Inspiron 6400 having Intel Core2Duo after 6 years of use with Toshiba Satellite 15.6″ L750-1T9 Laptop at the start of 2012. Planning to buy new computer, you will also need to transfer your data. And this service can not be done better without Laplink PCMover 6 Professional which is free in this giveaway otherwise you have to pay $60.

Laplink PCmover 6 Professional is the best option which you get to transfer your precious data from old computer to new one. This data can have installed programs, files, folders, settings, etc. With it, worry less transfer of data can accomplish if used with proper guidance. You can read more about Laplink PCmover here.

Easy-to-Use Wizard
Just install PCmover on both of your computers and use the Wizard to start transferring everything you want to the new PC.
Set It and Forget It
You start the transfer and walk away. PCmover does the rest!
Complete Selectivity
Automatically copy the applications, files and folders you choose to your new PC. Programs are set up by PCmover and ready to use.
Multiple Transfer Scenarios
Move from an old PC to a new one or transfer contents of an old hard drive (or image).
User Profile Selectivity
Transfer all or selected user profiles including related settings in one easy step.
“Undo” Feature
Quickly reverse changes made to your new PC with PCmover’s easy undo feature

PCmover 6 Professional Promo: Previously, we have share Laplink PCmover many times (here, here, here) and if you have gained license through those promos, you must have your account on Laplink portal and if not, just open the following web address and complete your registration. It is important. Also remember, this promo is valid till May 19, 2012.


There are two or three methods to apply for the license of PCmover 6 Professional. All these methods are same with a bit difference of already logged in or logging in during promo.

Now open the following webpage into your browser.


Log in into your account through the above given link and press button Finish.You will be taken back to same page but there will be no more logging in option but finishing (press Finish button).

(If you are already logged in, you do not need to log in here. Simply press the Finish button.)

You can also use Promo Code 4YYU289MSW74 if opening the following webpage: (The promo link given above is same with promo-code included so that you do not need to fill the code-box).


You will be taken to your account. There you will see your license and download link but this download is in German language. If you know German, well and good and if not, the English installer can be obtained from here which works fine.


Beware: During installation, Laplink PCmover 6 Professional will ask you to install ASK Toolbar. You can decline it if you do not want to install it.

This is a PCWelt Magazine promo of May 2012 and original promo page can be found here:


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