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AntiFreeze Is One Solution For Hanged Computers


I do not remember the exact time of the incident but might be one and half year ago, one of my laptops was hanging a lot. It had become very slow responsive and I was just in anger. Of course there were a few solutions already on the table, like registry cleaners, Defragmentator / Defragmenter (what is the correct word?), permanently killing the useless start-up processes, sending it back if there was any hardware problem, etc etc,  including this one AntiFreeze.

AntiFreeze is not made to clean you PC register or Defragment your hard drive. Its name shows that it just DeFreeze your hanged PC. Sometime, you try to go beyond the ability of your computer, you run many programs at one time, your are watching movie, uTorrent is running downloading 10 movies, a 500 page printing job is in Que and many other programs are running at one time that CPU is gone made. Your computer is hanged. You can not open and close any program even Task Manager is not helping at all. Congratulations! restart and start the selective programs only to not to burden the CPU. But…

Wait a minute, what if you can kill few unnecessary programs like uTorrent, printing job and some windows own processes. This will free-up your CPU resources and you will be out of trouble. Task Manger is not working, then what will work? AntiFreeze is the solution. This is the reshaped task manager specially designed to work with hanged PC. Ctrl+Win+Alt+Home key combination wakes up AntiFreeze.

AntiFreeze is semi-automatic software. I am saying it semi-automatic because when you run it, it does not kill all the running processes but those which are using very high RAM and are capturing a large about of CPU attention. After killing those memory-hog processes, AntiFreeze leaves remaining processes on you decision. Now you are all in all to kill or keep those processes.

AntiFreeze looks like freeware but when I was downloading it, the written was Download Trial. But during and after installation, it has not asked me to buy or register it at all. So, hopefully it is freeware.

AntiFreeze offers a last recourse when you find your computer in a hung state. Because programs consume too much CPU or too much memory or too many programs have been started, your computer has become unresponsive. The mouse still moves but no programs are responding, you cannot switch to other programs or even close them. You have even tried to start the Windows Task Manager even that won’t work because it does not get enough attention from the scheduler to respond to your mouse clicks and keyboard presses. You are ready to press the reset button, instead you can press the hotkey of AntiFreeze. It will put to sleep all running programs except the most critical ones, giving you the opportunity to close down the programs which are causing problems. You may even be able to save or recover your work.

You need AntiFreeze when:

  • >One or more programs are doing very intensive tasks, they consume so much processor cycles that the system becomes unresponsive
  • >One or more programs consume so much memory that the swapping file is heavily used, overloading the system
  • >Programs are running with a scheduling priority which is so high that they consume all processor resources
  • >Too many programs are running at the same time and they all have to compete for attention from the processor then AntiFreeze is likely to help you get your system to respond again.

Supported Systems:

  • Windows 7
  • Windows 7 x64 editions
  • Windows Server 2008 Server
  • Windows Server 2008 Server x64 editions
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows Vista, x64 editions
  • Windows XP Service Pack 2
  • Windows XP Service Pack 2, x64 editions
  • Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 2
  • Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 2, x64 editions

If you are using Windows XP or Vista, it is worth keeping in the PC. I do not think you will need it on Windows 7. In Windows 7 there are 99.99% clear that one hanged process will not hang other processes.

You can read more about it and can download it from the following webpage.



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Thanks n Regards.


Thanks n Regards.

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