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Paragon Software Christmas Gifts and Amazon Adventskalender 2010


I hope you are checking CHIP.de Adventskalender. There are some other sites which also have Adventskalender.  So far, I have found 9 different sites with Adventskalender. Some of them are offering discounts and some are offering full software. Someone has lucky draw and will announce winner on Christmas. But today, I have chosen Paragon Software Christmas Gifts and Amazon.de Adventskalender as topic.

At the moment both, Paragon and Amazon, are offering some discounts. It is clear that Amazon is not going to offer anything free ever but I do not know what Paragon will offer during next coming days.

Amazon has tow different Adventskalender. Should I say it Adventskalender? I do not think so but I have to say because they wrote it. These both Adventskalender have discount: one on Media Adventskalender and other is simple Geschenkideen Adventskalender. Amazon Adventskalenders are in German language.

Media Adventskalender is here:


Geschenkideen Adventskalender is here:


Paragon Software is offering Christmas gifts through their Facebook page. You need to click on the like button to know what they are offering. So far, they have discounts. Let’s see if they would have something free.


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