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Get Free Registry First Aid Platinum 7 [UpDated]


We have updates from Flash113 and Roy Smith. Please go directly to their comments just at the end of this article Flash113’s comment and Roy Smith’s comment.

Almost 5 months ago, we shared a promo of Registry First Aid 7. This time the new promo ads Platinum at the end of Registry First Aid, so it’s called Registry First Aid Platinum. The latest release is 7. I do not understand what is the difference between Registry First Aid v7 and Registry First Aid Platinum v7. One problem was: after installing and registering it has a main menu item Get Platinum. If you guys can solve it, please, do it. Read comments: #1 and #2 to get Registry First Aid Platinum 7.

Are you tired of Windows constantly crashing on you? Are your programs loading slower than usual? The problem may be due to incorrect registry entries. As you install and uninstall applications, numerous nagging file references are created in the Windows registry pointing to files that no longer exist. Registry First Aid will find these invalid entries and remove them from your registry. Also, if you’ve moved your programs from one drive to another, you can break the file links that a program needs. Registry First Aid will help you correct these invalid registry entries by scanning the Windows registry for orphan file/folder references, finding these files or folders on your drives that may have been moved from their initial locations, and then correcting your registry entries to match the located files or folders. With Registry First Aid, your Windows registry will be always clean and correct, helping your programs load faster and speeding up your computer. Improve your computer’s performance today!

Open the following web address into your browser and fill a form in English and submit it. On the very next page you will see your license. You will also get this license into your eMail.

Read Comments #1 and #2.


On the very next page you will see your license. You will also get this license into your eMail.


The official installer can be downloaded from here


p style=”text-align: left;”>ftp://ftp2.avanquest.com/evaluation/Registry%20First%20Aid/7/registry_first_aid_7_uk.exe


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Here’s the reg page for the platinum version it has a few extra features GO HERE http://register.avanquest.com/ABSOFT/produits/Promotion/enregistrement_presse/register_cov_gd.cfm?idcgd=473 it should work with uk installer

Roy Smith

Hi Perti and all Just To clear up what the differences are: the version that people download and install from the link you give Perti: ftp://ftp2.avanquest.com/evaluation/Registry%20First%20Aid/7/registry_first_aid_7_uk.exe has all the features of the full platinum version in it, but the extra platinum features will NOT be activated using the serial number/registration key obtained from the signup… Read more »

Roy Smith

Oh just one other thing don’t worry about what language the installer is in because there is a facilty inside to choose from 22 different languages

Andrew Rogl

Has anyone fond a x64 version?

Andrew Rogl

Only version 8 is on the website for x64.

Reading other websites this seems like a very aggressive registry cleaner.

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