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Nero BurnLite 10 Free – Is It Shame?


Hi Friends,

Two days ago, a friends told me about Nero BurnLite 10. At first, I did not give importance to that news. The reason is I am not a Nero fan: Not At All because it could never inspired me. And lately, previous versions were full of useless and blotted pieces of software and a big package to install just to kill your free space. Not a wise idea. What the idea would be if Volvo will give a comb with every purchase of  bicycle at the price of S80? You understand what I mean.

[Image Deleted]

Today, my friend again told me about Nero BurnLite 10. I thought to give it a try. I downloaded it and installed. During and after installation experience of it really made me disappointed. There are number of factors behind this dsappointment. A few are:

Big Installation Package: The installation package is 31.2MB huge. Why so big installation package? Is it only to have a pretty interface? Well, I do not think interface is pretty or attractive or following any Usability and Accessiblity guidelines.

Forcefully Ask Toolbar Installation: It forcefully installed Ask Toolbar. Even you do not want to install the toolbar but it will be installed. You can uninstall Ask Toolbar later on. But why we are forced to install it. Is Nero going to be bank-crrupt that they need Ask Toolbar Search Click money badly?

Fake Interface: First when you see interface, you think: O lots of functions. But all these are fake. Eacy and every function, which you will see, will lead you to upgrade. You will get just two functions: Burn Data and Copy Disk. Why the hell we should use Nero BurnLite 10 if many freeware are better than it. For example, CDBurnerXP, the best freeware out there on Internet to replace any shareware. One more shame for a big company.

Faulty Burning Function: I tried to burn 300MB of data at low speed. After burning 70%, it stopped telling me that disk is unaccessable. CDBurnerXP burnt the whole data and there was no error.

Very Limited Functions: As I have already told you that you would get just two functions: Burn Data and Copy Disk.

No Help File Available: I wanted to read help file but there is no help file, which could tell about its functions, installed. There is one Help folder in installation directory but it has no sensible relation with Nero BurnLite 10. A link from software took me to main page but not to any online help file.

Huge Free Space Consumer: It took 69MB on full installation. Considering the functions available, what Nero BurnLite 10 will do with 69MB of diskspace.

Burden On Computer Resources: During burning 300MB of data, my computer was crawling like snail. I was almost unable to open Firefox. It took more than 7 seconds to load Firefox and it opened just in 4 seconds when CDBurnerXP was doing its burning function.

No Disk Image Support: There is no disk image burning support. This means you can not burn any type of disk image not even most famous and standard ISO Disk Image.

There were few other issues, too, but I think these few are enough to tell you how good? Nero BurnLite 10 is? I could not understand what Nero Lts. wants to show us? Are they too generous? or someone brainless is sitting there to offer such useless package.

Go ahead and use some freeware like CDBurnerXP or you can use Ashampoo Burning Studio which is shareware but many times available free of cost. You can have different opinion. If you would like, tell us.

You can download Nero BurnLite 10 from here:


p style=”text-align: justify;”>http://www.nero.com/eng/downloads-nbl-free.php


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I am agree. They suck.


I have both,,CDburnerXP and AShampoo burning studio professional.

Both excellent programs.

I tried Nero a while ago……disinstalled it IMMEDIATELY.

It sucks……do they realize that there is freeware way better than their shareware??

maybe not……but as long as they find who actually pays for their crap then it"s all good i guess…regards


Nero out , Ashampoo in

Thanks for info


I totally agree.  There is a lot of freeware that does those functions and a lot more.  And does it better too!

Good review.

dental hygienist

this post is very usefull thx!


Nero BurnLite 10 is great


It does burn an iso image.  On the Copy Disk tab, select Source Drive as (Image Recorder), Browse to the .iso file but make sure you remove the .nrg extension Nero BurnLite adds to your iso file!

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