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Change DNS Server Address Easily with DNS Jumper


I am currently in the process of designing a collection of Excel-based software for my one-off client as well as conducting benchmarks on as much as 15 browsers for my upcoming browser benchmarking post, so i do not have much time to surf. That said, i happened to stumble accross a free, network-related software called DNS Jumper.

Anyone watch the movie ‘Jumper‘? Some of you might have, which would mean explaining this little tool is going to be much easier. Imagine that you are the leading actor in Jumper,  where you can teleport yourself to anywhere you have remembered while avoiding other’s pursuit, yet able return to the same places when you wanted to. That’s exactly how DNS Jumper works.

DNS Jumper is capable of modifying your DNS server address based on the types of network cards you have and the types of DNS services you select. After you select your network card and preferred DNS services, you can surf the internet using that particular DNS setup. Like the movie itself where the actor has lots of options where he would like to go, you can practically choose any other forms of configurations and surf the internet using those DNS setups. When you feel like returning back to your PC‘s default DNS configuration, you can select the ‘Default’ DNS service. There’s even a handy tool where users can check the response time of their preferred DNS server addresses.

Aside, the software also offers other DNS-related tool, such as a backup option and a DNS flush option, which is useful for refreshing DNS server address when your internet connection is experiencing connectivity issues. It also comes in many languages, from the default English to more obscure languages worldwide such as Romanian and Vietnamese. Overall, it has a professional-enough and neat GUI layout, so learning to use this software does not take time. It also does not require installation.

Although not a critical tweak for most users out there, sometimes changing DNS address is beneficial. For example, some DNS may offer faster browsing and download speed at certain time periods while some DNS allows you to bypass certain websites (not all, though) that your ISP blocked. For example, my ISP has blocked a certain antivirus website called NANO Antivirus, on which i had an interest in their beta development. By using DNS Jumper, i successfully navigated to their site and downloaded their latest antivirus beta version, whereas previously the use of proxy service resulted in a slower browsing experience and to a worse extent, being unable to download their software at all.

DNS Jumper is compatible with all NT version of Windows, as well as all 32-bit and 64-bit PC. Download DNS Jumper v1.04 here.


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Personally, I like the open source GRC’s Name Speed Benchmark utility. In my opinion, it is much better to determine the fastest DNS servers for your computer.

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