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Get Free Steganos Privacy Suite™ 10, Magic Video Converter 8.5, ACDSee 8


I was lazy in writing article but, meanwhile, James was active and he has done some great articles, recently published. I hope you enjoyed. Well, here I am with three more software in shareware promos being offered by PCWelt.de: Get Free Steganos Privacy Suite™ 10, Magic Video Converter 8.5, ACDSee 8. Before continue reading, let me tell you that I did not have time to find installer and test it. Magic Video installer is available on its website but Steganos Privacy Suite 10 and ACDSee 8 installers have to find. I hope you guys will help me to find and test the programs. If you could give any feedback, it will be gold.

Friends, this is your own website. We try our best to provide you healty info about the topic. We are human. We can do mistakes. But we never meant to misguide you intentionally and there is nothing personal. Creative arguments / comments are always welcome. But before arguing, always try to understand what author is saying. Two persons can never be same. You understand what I mean. So, be our friend.

As there are three promos, I will divide this Get Free into three parts depending on names of software.

Steganos Privacy Suite™ 10

I do not remember, If i have tested any of Steganos software but Steganos VPN service. Well, now we are talking about Steganos Privacy Suite™ 10, what they say about it:

Working on a PC or laptop that’s connected to the internet offers lots of advantages. But there are plenty of disadvantages too. Our laptops, USB sticks and CDs help transport documents, photos and movies all over the world. But what happens if a stranger gets a hold of the data on your hardware?

The risks:

  • USB sticks with irreplaceable vacation photos can fall out of pockets. DVDs that contain personal financial information get lost all the time. Laptops with e-mails, contact info and calendars can be accidentally left behind in taxis.
  • All your passwords are neatly stored on an Excel sheet. But unprotected documents leave you vulnerable to data thieves.
  • You’ve deleted all the data on a PC you plan to sell. But did you know that someone could easily reconstruct the data you thought was gone forever?

The solution is Steganos Privacy Suite™ 10.

  • Safes: Locks and encrypts documents, photos and your e-mail post office in a virtual data safe. Secures USB sticks, CDs and DVDs when on the go.
  • Password Manager: Organizes and manages all of your passwords and access information. All securely encrypted, of course. Supports Drag and Drop, or fills out website forms automatically.
  • Shredder: Shreds unwanted data permanently—cannot be reconstructed by data recovery applications.
  • Plus: E-mail and web favorites encryption functions, trace destructor, Steganography and optional Steganos AntiTheft.

Click on the following web address or copy n paste it into your web browser to open the web page. Fill a simple short form and submit it as guided into the following snap. Check your e-Mail. You will find your licnese in the e-mail which you will receive from Stegano GmbH. Please find installer to use it. As I have explained, I could not have time to find installer.

[Image Deleted]

Magic Video Converter 8.5

It is strange that now a days there are many share ware promos related to video editing software on Internet. It looks like every comapny wanna giveaway there Video editing software. Well, Magic Video Converter 8.5 is also available as giveaway.

What’s new in Magic Video Converter updated version:
  • Add the function of composite video and audio file.
  • Add the function of video crop and pad.
  • Support more output formats: flv, gif, dv, ts, mkv, ogg, m4a, mmf, aiff, au and flac.
With Magic Video Converter you can:
  • Convert AVI, MPEG, MPEG 1, MPEG 2, MPEG 4, VCD, DVD, SVCD, RMVB, RM, WMV, MOV, DIVX and other video formats.
  • Converted files can be played on your iPod, iPhone, Apple TV, Google Android, Mobile MP4, PS3, PSP and Sony WalkMan.
  • Convert your movies in batch mode.
  • Preview videos directly in interface
  • Split AVI, VCD, DVD or other videos into several ones.
  • Split and play videos at the same time.
  • Burn DVD and create menu.
  • Customize video screen size, audio/video bit rate, frame rate and aspect

Click on the following web address or copy n paste it into your browser to open it. Filla very short form as directed in the followin snap. You will receive an e-Mail from Pro.de containing confirmation link. Click on link and you will be told that your license will be dispatched shortly. It may take upto 30 minutes to receive your license.


Download from


[Image Deleted]

ACDSee 8

This is a very old version and in my view is totally useless to use on advance computers when you have some great freeware like Picasa. It may be usefull for those who are still using Windows 98. LOL. Click on the following web address or copy n paste it into your browser to open the form. Fill it as directed and submit it. Soon, you will get an e-Mail from autoreply@acdsee.com containing your license. Find appropriate installer to use it.


[Image Deleted]

It took me 3 days to write this small article. The reason was I did not have time. I hope you will enjoy this article though I do not think, so.


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i'll have Steganos privacy suite..



Would love to win the Steganos product! Thanks


But the privacy suite isnt compatible with windows 7…..    🙁

Well……thanks anyway…


unable to find installer for Steganos privacy suite 10…..

link given by Rick finally leads to Ver. 11 which doesnot accepts this key..




Sorry about the first link. drtank is right, but the second link from the vendor definitely is version 10. (I’ve installed it)


…Version 10 is essentially SSS 2008 v10.x

Imran K

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