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Tweak Windows 7, Vista and XP with TweakNow PowerPack 2009 Free


I do not like Windows operating system but there is not doubt that it is very customizable operating system. From looks and feels to performance and stability can be configured to suit your personal taste. Unfortunately most of the configuration settings are not available in Control Panel and thus must be configured manually through a registry editor (RegEdit). This might not be a problem for computer geeks, but this is surely a daunting task for others. To help non technical users configured their Windows like geeks do, in Windows Secret module, TweakNow PowerPack 2009 has gathered the most popular Windows XP/Vista/7 hidden settings and provide them in an easy and safe user interface.

[Image Deleted]TweakNow PowerPack 2009 provides you main 10 modules including many functions to deal with Windows 7, Vista and XP. In all functions provided by TweakNow, my favorite is Virtual Desktop. It creates 4 virtual desktops by default. You can create shortcut keys to access any of four desktop. TweakNow PowerPack 2009 is free of cost. The mudules and functions are:

A: Disk Cleaner: Use this tool to search and remove temporary and other unnecessary files in order to recover valuable hard disk space.
B: Disk Usage Analyzer: After a few months of usage of computer, you may find that hard disk contains hundred or even thousand of folders occupying a lot of space. Thus it’s almost impossible to analyze and compare each folder manually to get to know which folder is taking much space. Disk Usage Analyzer is designed to help you in this matter. The program can automatically measure the space used by each folder in your harddisk.
C: Miscellaneous Tools:It further containts 7 tools:
1: Auto Shutdown: easily schedule your computer for log of, stand by, hibernate, or shutdown on specified of time.
2: CD Autorun: extend Windows CD Autorun feature.
3: Configuration Files: edit Windows configuration files (Windows XP only).
4: Process Manager: get information about programs that are currently running on your computer.
5: TweakNow Shortcut: create special shortcut which is not only able to launch an application, but also able to free up RAM and set application priority level automatically.
6: RAM Optimizer: a smart memory management program that will keep your system from running slower and slower after been used for several hours.
7: Virtual Desktop: run multiple desktops (up to four) simultaneously.
D: Registry Cleaner: This is Registry Cleaner is not as good as CCleaner provides but this is good enough to take care of your Windows registry. The default settings should be good enough for most users. However, you may want to adjust them to suit your need. There are several options that you can modify:
1: Ignore Missing Files on Removable Drives: set whether TweakNow RegCleaner should ignore all registry values that refer to removable drives (CD/DVD or USB disk). Recommended: check the checkbox.
2: Registry Keys to exclude: All registry keys (and they’re sub keys) listed in this list will not be included in the scanning process.
E: Registry Defragmenter: Registry Defragmenter is designed to solve your registry problems by creating a new registry for your Windows. This new registry is exactly the same copy of your current registry, except it is no longer contain any unused spaces and all data are placed in proper order.
F: Startup Manager: Let you take control over all programs which start with Windows start up. You can easily kill any unnecessary start up process. By this way, you can reduce Windows Bootup time.
G: System Information: System Information gives you detailed information about your computer, network, and operating system. The information is compiled in further eight modules:
1: System Summary: shows general information about your system.
2: Harddisk: shows the amount of free and used disk space, and detailed feature of file system used on each drive.
3: Memory: shows the amount of available physical and virtual memory.
4: Network: shows important information about setting of the networks to which your computer is attached.
5: Processor: shows your processor’s capabilities.
6: Video: shows your video card’s capabilities.
7: Windows: shows important information of your Windows and its components.
8: DirectX: shows important information about DirectX driver installed in your computer.
H: Track Cleaner: You can use Track Cleaner to help you removing programs history information stored in the registry.
I: Uninstall Program: As addition to standard uninstall program feature found in Control Panel, this program also have ability to rename and remove installation entry.
J: Windows Secret: Under this module, you will find different 11 categories to further tweak your Windows operating system. You can able/disable many things in Windows through this module otherwise you have to play with registry.

There is one main function called Quick TuneUp. This is one single step to care about all matters which are provided under different modules and categories. Open the following webpage to access TweakNow PowerPack 2009 (copy n paste):


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